David’s Knockdown Review: Can’t Beat Goliath Yet

David and Goliath is arguably one of the most popular of all children’s stories, telling of a small boy of maybe fifteen or sixteen years old defeating the giant known as Goliath using a slingshot.  While A Little BC’s title has very little to do with the story of David and his childhood, the pick-up and-play may appeal to most children.

David’s Knockdown seems to be aimed towards children, and adults may find this game quite easy or bland; such as myself.  If you have a child and need to calm them down for a few, this may be the perfect game for them though, being both easy and somewhat intense.


Artwork: The artwork looks almost exactly like the artwork you would find in an illustrated Bible story; thick black lines with one or two colors within the black lines.  It’s far from truly appealing, but it’s not as bad as some other games I have come across.  The game looks like an illustrated Bible story book, and the developer did a good job for creating a kiddy atmosphere.

Easy to Learn: Just swipe to shoot.  After you play for a minute, the controls will come with ease and you’ll be found knocking down all those foxes and wolves.  The game’s simple mechanics work well for a game of this type, and children will find it quite easy to access.  And for those adults who secretly play children’s games, it’s easy to access for you too.

Enemy Types: Five enemy types may seem a little to most, but when you’re playing the game, it feels very varied.  The numbers and stats don’t show it, but for the most part, I didn’t have any trouble with having different enemy types and whatnot.  A lot of varied enemy types kept the game going, and it really kept the game interesting.


Content: There’s only seven levels, and only one map.  It’s really not a lot in terms of content, and you’ll be able to knock this one out after around an hour of play through.  It’s definitely not a lot even for $0.99, especially when games like Flight Control and Pocket God sell at the same price.  This game won’t last the average user very long, unless they want to compete against themselves in the local leaderboard.

No Online: This is the type of game that needs a social platform with achievements and leaderboards.  The first thing that comes to mind is OpenFeint, an ideal choice for many indie developers.  While I slightly prefer the Plus+ network a bit more, OpenFeint is a great way to introduce online leaderboards and achievements into the game.  This is the type of game that screams achievements, and I sure hope the developers decide to implement this into their next update.

Balancing: The first four levels were extremely easy, but then it racked up a ton during level 5 and 6.  I almost felt that the game was way too easy until some intense bears starting showing up onto the scene, and the balancing felt a little bit off.  The jump from level 4 to level 5 was a bit too much, and children that play this game will start to become frustrated with such a large jump.  I had some trouble with level 5 and 6, and it’s definitely a lot harder than the previous levels.

David’s Knockdown is just okay, there isn’t really anything that makes this game stand out.  It’s actually quite lacking compared to other games, and some major problems prevent this game from reaching full potential.  When the game starts to become intense, it’s actually really fun, but the lack of content and online leaderboards really start to get to you.  Other than that, I enjoyed my hands-on time with David’s Knockdown, and those with children would most likely make a smart decision by buying this game.  For the other teens and adults, this isn’t exactly a game for you.


David’s Knockdown was developed by A Little BC, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.



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