‘Where’s Waldo?’ Comes Out of Hiding, Released for iPhone

This is quite a surprise, but then again, it’s Where’s Waldo?.  You’ll never truly figure out where he is, and he’s always somewhere else at the same time.  The Where’s Waldo? books have always been some of the most popular hidden objects books, and I’m definitely a fan of Waldo.

Ludia has been the developer of countless other games, including The Price Is Right and Hell’s Kitchen.  Both are TV shows, and their move towards Where’s Waldo? is surprising, but not mind-blowing.  The cost is low also, and at a mere $1.99, you experience the true Waldo experience on your iDevice.

Where’s Waldo? is only $1.99 for a limited time, 24 hours, and from there it will be raised. I suggest you go ahead and buy it if you’re thinking about it, and personally, what can go wrong?  It’s Where’s Waldo? for crying out loud!



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