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‘Pac-Man: Championship Edition’ Released Onto App Store

Pac Man for the iPhone was just okay, it wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad.  We gave it a ‘Buy’ rating for its good graphics and interesting gameplay, and the controls were just okay.  They weren’t the best, but it worked and I was glad that I could play Pac-Man on my iPhone.

Since then, Namco has released Pac-Man Remix onto the iPhone creating a full 3D view of the Pac-Man world.  Of course, that game was just okay also, and it didn’t fail to meet my expectations.  It didn’t exceed my expectations though, which is quite surprising as Namco has had tons of time to fix their issues and problems.

After the release of Ace Combat, I believe there’s still hope for Namco.  A lousy port was the problem with Namco though as Ace Combat is probably one of the worst ports I’ve ever seen from such a big developer, and with so much content lacking, it’s quite disappointing.

This seems to be the case with Pac-Man: Championship Edition.  It only looks like $2.99, but underneath that beautiful skin is a $3.99 expansion pack that includes more than half the rest of the game.  The total for your purchases would probably come up to around $6.98, a price I would have rather paid in full from the beginning.

Namco is starting to become a little shady when it comes to DLC, and we’ll have to play this one by ear.  For now, the port itself seems to be a solid port, but content seems to be extremely lacking.  Namco, if you’re hearing this, please release some solid content.


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