Doodle Defender Review: Here’s to Childhood Memories!

Don’t you remember when we were little and simulated games by drawing doodles on paper and making the sound effects with our mouths? It was fun drawing bad, menacing pictures then saying “Pew, pew, doom, bam, BOOM!” or something of the like, and scribbling out the villainous drawings with a fierce, sharp pencil. Now, Pocket Monkey Games has released another casual game by the name of Doodle Defender, which captures the memories of doodle fighting vividly. Everything seems just as it was during our childhood, and even all the sound effects in the game (excluding music) were created by someone’s mouth. Despite its immature look, Doodle Defender is a very enjoyable game.


Graphics: The graphics bring back memories, just like the rest of the game. However, I have to commend Pocket Monkey Games, as the doodles and graph paper background looks as authentic as can be, and for incorporating so many different, diverse, random doodles. I’ll be shooting a snake one moment, and a big, furry blob-thing appears the next.

In-Game Music: The background music in this game sounds epic, because it really makes you feel like you’re defending your castle, not playing the game. Music gives a sense of purpose, and this game’s music certainly compels you to eradicate all of those damned annoying doodles. To me, it sounds like I’m the only hope left on the dawn of the apocalypse, which shows Pocket Monkey games did an great job on the music – it’s amazing to my ears.

Sound Effects: Nostalgia is what this game brings back, and is what this game is about. The popping and booming sounds remind me of myself in the 2nd grade sitting in an afterschool program doing exactly what you do in this game. “Pop” and “Ptu” and sounds like that really bring back memories, and it’s fun reliving a part of my childhood.

Controls: A simple game needs simple controls, and the controls in this game are implemented beautifully. You tap in the direction you want to shoot, and tap on the shop icon to open it and buy upgrades and ammo. Simple? Check. Easy to use? Check. What more do we need for a game like this? The answer is: nothing.

Gameplay: There’s a campaign mode, where you continue along a series of flags to fight harder to kill, more challenging doodles, and an endless mode where you attempt to survive as long as possible. Both are fun, and Pocket Monkey Games really nailed this one for all casual gamers and even possible hardcore gamers.

There are even boss doodles in the campaign mode after you kill the preset number of random enemies, and the bosses require frantic tapping. That’s not all, because while you’re trying to kill the boss, tons of small doodles will continually zip around the map and rush at you. Overall, Doodle Defender creates a satisfying and fun experience.


“Map” Option: Once I go to the upgrade shop and I finish buying my items, I sometimes get confused and don’t know how to get back to the campaign screen. The reason for this is that “Guns” and “Other” are both highlighted in a cloud bubble, but “Map” is just in normal black font on the grass, so it’s not that noticeable at first. Though I’m just nitpicking, other than that I didn’t have any problems with the game.

All of us were children once, and this game will enable you to relive those moments where you were immensely enjoying a simple game on a piece of paper. Through its translation from paper to game, Doodle Defender does not lose one bit of the pleasure and satisfaction the original game used to give. This is a quality game, and both children and adults (who are really children at heart), will love it.


Doodle Defender was developed by Pocket Monkey Games, and I played through version 1.0 of the game on my iPod Touch 2G (OS 3.1.2).  The current price point of the game is $0.99.






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