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Labyrinth 2 Review: Let’s Get the Show Rolling

Illusion Labs has been one of the most innovative developers on the iPhone, bringing us original titles such as Touchgrind and Sway, both of which are must have titles on the iPhone.  Following the success of their two titles comes Labyrinth 2, the sequel to Codify AB’s Labyrinth.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of labyrinth games.  The controls seem to usually be the problem along with frustrating nook and crannies that are almost impossible to get through.  Along with those general problems, labyrinth games always cost a little too much.  Sure content is extensive and all, but the release price of $5.99 for Labyrinth 1 was always a little too much for my pocket.

Labyrinth 2 takes all these worries away, and while I did have some troubles with the controls, Illusion Labs did a great job with making the game accessible to one and to all.  Casual gamers and hardcore gamers will find this game quite satisfying with both easy and quite difficult game level packs available.


Mechanics, Variations: There are tons and tons and TONS of different little gimmicks to stray your ball away from its destination, and Illusion Labs did a great job with coming up with all the mechanisms to the game.  You’ll never any other labyrinth game with so many different obstructions, and it adds a lot to the variations of the game.  You won’t feel like one level is the same as another, and with so many variations, you’ll want to play over and over again.

Online: The online component doesn’t just consist of WiFi and Bluetooth multiplayer; it consists of WiFi, Bluetooth, level editors, level favorites, level ranks, downloadable level packs, and much, much more.  Feeling a little anti-social?  Labyrinth 2 will definitely put you back into the groove of things, and it may just bring sexy back.

Graphics: Woo man.  Not going to lie, this isn’t the best looking labyrinth game in the App Store.  We’ve seen other, more cool looking effects added to games like these like Fayju Ball, but the looks will have to do.  It obviously took some time for the developers over there to add all the visual effects, and they’re definitely above the average fart app.

Content: You won’t run out of content.  At all.  With potentially 6 hours of gameplay from the built-in level packs, an online level editor, and downloadable level packs, the possibilities are endless.  Multiplayer is just another bonus to ice the cake and add that extra cherry on top.  Content will bring you a smile, along with almost 10 or more hours of sitting in your room, alone, on Friday night, in the dark, playing Labyrinth 2.


Controls: I believe I called this one.  No matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to be able to get it right.  Even with calibration (although manual, should suffice), I found it somewhat difficult to control the ball.  It did take some time to get used to the whole speed of the game, and the controls were a bit too sensitive.  A control sensitivity option would definitely fit in with a game of this sort, and without it, I can’t help but feel something is missing.

Speed: The ball rolls too unpredictably too fast.  It may just be the controls or something to have to do with the tilt sensitivity, but the speed of this ball is blazing.  It’s almost as fast as my mother with a coupon, and if you didn’t know already, that clocks to around 100 miles per hour.  Tone it down Illusion Labs, I don’t think the ball has to go anywhere else except that little hole anytime soon.

Labyrinth 2, what can I say.  Illusion Labs has struck gold yet again with another must have release for iPhone gamers.  Sway, Touchgrind, and now Labyrinth 2 sit as some of the highest and most highly rated games in the App Store, and Illusion Labs most likely sits as one of the best iPhone developer.

Sure the game isn’t the perfect fit for labyrinth lovers, but it’s definitely one of the best offerings on the App Store so far.  Again, controls do need a little fine tuning along with some sensitivity options, but overall, you can’t go wrong with yet another classic title from Illusion Labs.


Labyrinth 2 was developed by Illusion Labs, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $4.99.



  1. Will on Tuesday 8, 2009

    Hmm, I actually found the controls to be perfect. I hold my hands against a table or some other surface and can make really precise movements. Different tastes, I guess.

  2. Daniel on Tuesday 8, 2009

    Really? Even after calibration, I still felt something was off. It wasn’t that the controls were bad, I just thought they weren’t good enough. Precise movements were extremely hard for me.

  3. Will on Tuesday 8, 2009

    I tend to like really sensitive controls. Oh well, a fantastic game nonetheless.

  4. Kazam on Tuesday 8, 2009

    Nice review Matt but i don’t like your seed review.It crushed me.

  5. Daniel on Tuesday 8, 2009

    @Kazam the reviewer for this review would be me. and the seed review is one i totally agree with; the game sucks.