Battle Blasters Preview: A Great, Futuristic Fighter/Shooter

I recently managed to get my hands on a preview build of Battle Blasters, an upcoming game by Little Guy Games. After the time I’ve spent with it, I have to admit that most iPhone and iPod Touch gamers, casual or hardcore, will be able to have a fun time with this.

I’ve not yet found a compelling background story yet, but for Battle Blasters it’s all about the gameplay. You play as a character armed with blasters shooting potentially very deadly burst of energy, and it’s quite fun shooting, dodging, blocking, and countering throughout the game.

You can shoot either a fast, weak blast or a strong, slow one. The fast, weak blast is great for guerilla tactics, but if the strong blast comes into contact with the weak blast, it will vaporize it and continue moving on its intended course. If a weak blast and a weak blast or a strong blast and a strong blast come in contact with each other, they will both vaporize each other, respectively.

There are limits to how many shots that each character can take, and I think that it’s a great measure to prevent players from spamming shots. Each character can shoot about two to four shots before having to wait a second to shoot again and a couple of seconds for all of their shots to recharge. There are no limits to how many times a character can do a special attack, but there’s no need to. Most of the time special attacks have a long charge time, so you’ll have to use them only at opportune moments.

Each character has different statistics in the strength of their shot, their movement speed, and their armor. This allows for a preference based character selection, but at the beginning of the game only two characters are unlocked. You’ll have to beat the game on certain difficulties to unlock the others. In addition, each character has their own unique special attack – for example, Animus can shoot two blasts at a time and charge up a blast that vaporizes anything in its path, while Gabrielle has a powerful, fast shot that will do a ton of damage.

The controls are easy and completely gesture-based. You can tap or drag on the bottom of the screen to move your fighters, you do a long, fast swipe across the screen to shoot the quick blast, a slow, short swipe on the screen to launch the more powerful attack, swipe backwards on your character to counter, and tap on the character to use their special move. I had no control problems whatsoever, and the gestures were intuitive and easy to use.

Lastly, the developers are looking to add a multiplayer function. As for how that will work, I believe that it’s a duelling mode on the same device. Look out for Battle Blasters in the future – it’s game that’s worth waiting for. Check out a video and some screenshots below, which also shows how nice the graphics are for the game.







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