Castle Frenzy Review: Just Flick It Away

Gameloft has done castle defense before, and so has Chillingo and some other small indie companies.  And while Gameloft seems to have all the resources to provide a solid castle defense experience, they seem to mess up over and over again.  With little variations, slow level progression, and small amount of upgrades, it’s best to use caution when deciding to purchase Castle Frenzy.


Graphics: The graphics are obviously awesome, and the 3D castle along with character animations are pretty much pinpoint.  I thought Gameloft did a great job with the graphics, and like always, they’ve blown away my expectations when it comes to graphics.  If Gameloft keeps producing games with this amount of visual quality, I should be a happy man.

Enemy Types: There are tons of enemies to fight, including wild boars, orcs, and dark wizards.  I felt that there was a nice variation when it came to enemies, and it’s definitely an improvement from their previous castle defense game Bailout Wars.  There are tons of different ways to kill each enemy, and it isn’t just the flick of your finger.

Content: The number of levels isn’t exactly a small amount, and I’ve spent more time with this game than I should.  For $1.99, you’ll receive a decent amount of content that doesn’t feel too short or too long.  It would have been nice if Gameloft added a little bit extra, but it’s enough to get by.


Variations: There’s really not many variations in the game.  With only one map, there’s definitely room for improvement.  I was disappointed that the map didn’t change at all, and the waves of enemies were more or less redundant.  Sure there were challenges along the way and some goals to achieve, but otherwise, the game will start to feel repetitive.

Level Progression: Level progression is way too slow.  It may just be because I was on the normal difficulty level, but I couldn’t help but feel how slow the game leveled.  I would go through the game as if it were in slow motion, and they never seemed to be able to arrive at the castle walls.  The frantic flicking found in Knights Onrush was almost nonexistent, and level progression was just way too slow.

Casual gamers may find this game somewhat appealing, but behind these visuals is just sorry gameplay.  Knights Onrush has proven itself to be the castle defense king, and I’m still quite surprised it hasn’t been overthrown yet.  Castle Frenzy looks good, sounds good, but ultimately fails due to slow level progression and lack of different maps.  Already have a castle defense game?  I suggest you skip this one.


Castle Frenzy was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0.8 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $1.99.



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