Modern Combat Sandstorm Multiplayer Out, Somewhat Spotty

UPDATE: It seems as if the multiplayer does not work on jailbroken phones and iPods.

The multiplayer update for Modern Combat Sandstorm has finally been released, and after over a month of waiting, iPhone users can finally experience the full Call of Duty experience on their iPhones.  Of course, knowing Gameloft, this is an absolute surprise.  But then again, knowing Gameloft, their multiplayer games haven’t been all that great.

The online multiplayer design is great though, and it pits you into 4 different maps along with 4 different classes to choose from including Close Range, Long Range, and Assault.  They are all new maps not found in the campaign mode, and the game modes consist of Team Deathmatch and Solo Deathmatch.  That’s not all though.  They’ve added local WiFi multiplayer against your friends, in your own home, and all that great stuff.

Some people, including me, have been experiencing many connection problems (iPhone 3GS), and according to some people, it is best to turn off your 3G connection when playing the game.  It may work for some, but for now, that seems to be the only solution for those experiencing connection problems.

It’s somewhat disappointing, personally, to have to wait for such a long time only to realize the multiplayer doesn’t work very well, and we hope Gameloft will improve the servers and maybe even submit another update to patch up the connection problems.

Modern Combat Sandstorm is available for $6.99 with a free version available.  If you haven’t updated it yet, I’ll just say that the icon is officially ugly.  Even without the multiplayer, we gave this game a Must Have as one of the best first-person shooters (and one of the only) on the iDevices.  Check out out review here for more details.


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13 thoughts on “Modern Combat Sandstorm Multiplayer Out, Somewhat Spotty

  1. You need to activate the airplane mode and afterwards re-activate Wifi if you go online through a router. Then you can connect and you can also search for games, but currently there don´t seem to be any games. Oh, and it can be that you need to activate UPNP on your router (see the manual).

  2. I’ve heard tons and tons of different solutions, but it seems like jailbroken phones aren’t working at all. My device crashes at the start of the game, I can’t even log in to my Gameloft Live account.

  3. wrong – I have a jailbreaked iPhone and just recently forced myself off the iPhone after 2 multiplayer battles which seem to work now. And how it works!! It rocks!!!

  4. I don’t think jailbreaking makes a difference either. My 3Gs is unjailbroken, and I have the same UPnP problems other are reporting. To make matters worse, I’m on Airport Extreme, which supports only NAT, not UPnP.

    Needless to say, this is very disappointing.

  5. Yeah, this is quite disappointing. It may just be that Gameloft did a horrible job with the multiplayer, whether you’re on a jailbroken device or not. Not sure why they would release such a buggy version, as almost everyone is experiencing issues.

  6. Um guys. I have a jailbroken 2nd generation iPod touch. And multiplayer on all gameloft games works perfectly every time. So I can tell u that jailbreaking is not the problem.

  7. People i have a itouch with 3.1.2 and it works like a charm its the best game i have on my ipod other players seem slow sometimes but that just gives me more time to kill them

  8. I have the moto droid and I can’t get multiplayer on it but my friend has a iphone 3gs and he can so what’s up with that any thing I can do

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