Hands-On With ‘Boom It Up!’ from Gamevil

Gamevil is very well known for their Korean role-playing game Zenonia and Hybrid Eternal Whisper, but never did I expect them to release a casual game for the iPhone.  We’ve seen this move from a couple of huge publishers on the iPhone, including Gameloft’s release of Bailout Wars and other casuals like Lone At War.

Boom It Up! is just that, with a Doodle Jump atmosphere along with that “one more time” type of feeling.  One feature that stood out to me was the variety of platforms the cannon ball experiences, including laser trampolines, pinball-like paddles, and pots in the sky.

The graphics look as if it came from a Java and/or Brew game from a cellphone, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just a straight port from one of their cellphones in Korea.  Whilst playing, I couldn’t help but feel I was playing a game on a cellphone rather than a full-featured media device.

In this game, you try and get the cannon ball as high as possible by tapping at just the right second to get to the next level.  There are online highscores, but nothing more is actually represented.  The gameplay is extremely simple when compared to others like Baseball Superstars, and with only one gameplay mode, the hardcore fans may or may not enjoy this game.

But the majority of us might, as there are global and local highscores.  We’ll have to see how people receive this game, but during my hands-on time with the game, I was more than satisfied with Gamevil’s upcoming game.

It’s not what I expected from a company such as Gamevil, but the demand for these games seems to be growing.  With more and more iPhone users using the App Store each day, it makes complete sense for Gamevil to release some pick-up-and-play games for the App Store.  We just hope they keep releasing their other hardcore titles like Zenonia.

Boom It Up! should be released around $0.99, and it has already been submitted into the App Store.

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