Zoo Lasso Review: Rope ‘Em In Boys

This line-drawing concept has been demonstrated in many games including Flyloop, the butterfly catching game.  Zoo Lasso seems to be a little bit different though, adding monkeys, zebras, and birds into the picture.  Personally, I love these types of games as they’re easy to play, eat up quite a few minutes, and have that “just one more time” feel.

While there are some minor flaws that some may be bothered by, most should find this line-drawing experience cute, cuddly, and definitely one for the kids.


Artwork: The artwork is very well done, and the design is one that will appeal to the children.  This is definitely a child-friendly game with child-friendly animal designs, layouts, and difficulty.  While we’ve seen many App Store games utilize this art style, I thought Zoo Lasso looked great.

For the Kids: This is a perfect game for the kids, and the kid-friendly environment is one that I haven’t quite experienced in the more developed games on the App Store.  We all know how kids love to play the iPhone, and Zoo Lasso seems to be the perfect game for them.  Looking for a cheap but well executed Christmas present for them?  Get them Zoo Lasso, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt.


Slow Difficulty: Personally, I felt the ramping of difficulty was a little bit slow.  Again, it is a game engineered more toward the 5-10 ten year old range, and people that are older should notice the slow ramping.  The game does start to become difficult after 15 minutes of gameplay, but otherwise, it’s definitely slow.  Being more of a speedy type of guy, I found the game to crawl at times.

Zoo Lasso is a well designed and well executed lassoing game using the iPhone’s unique touchscreen interface.  While the idea is far from original, Launching Pad Games did a good job with providing that kid-friendly atmosphere along with cute artwork that just looks good.  Older folks may not appreciate the game, but the young ‘uns should feel right at home with Zoo Lasso.


Zoo Lasso was developed by Launching Pad Games, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.


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