EA’s Mirror’s Edge Appearing On iPhone

Mirror’s Edge on the iPhone has been somewhat of a dream, a fantasy they call it.  People would jest that they have been playing iMirror’s Edge, but never have they dreamed of this console game actually coming to the iPhone through Electronic Arts.

Personally, I’m a bit surprised.  I never thought this would happen and am still in somewhat of a disbelief mode.  Of course, the screenshots reproduced below are 100% real, but the story itself seems much, again, like a dream.

We can only hope EA ports this game correctly as they have had a history of bad ports including Madden 10 and NBA Live 10.  Mirror’s Edge has definitely become a favorite among console gamers, and the iPhone version seems to be looking quite top-notch so far.

Mirror’s Edge ETA is January 2010.

P.S. Tim Langdell better not get after this one, or I will personally slap his fat face.




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