Yet Another Update Roundup: Ramp Champ, Backbreaker Football, and Pocket God

All the games listed above are cheap, good, but not perfect.  Pocket God could be listed as an entertainment app, but with added mini-game updates, I think it would and should be appropriate to label this now as a game.  As for being perfect, Pocket God does offer some mindless fun, but it definitely needs some help when it comes to playing the game for a long time.

Looks like the circus is in town!
Looks like the circus is in town!

As for Ramp Champ, we recently posted that it has now become free.  The new version 1.1. update fixes crashes, fixes performance issues, improves the physics, and includes the ability to boast your score on both Twitter and Facebook.  This updated version is a huge improvement from the time of our review, and for free this game is definitely one of the premier skee ball experiences.

He could... go... all... the... WAY!

Backbreaker Football is yet another title we have reviewed, but we found it far from perfect.  The game itself had a nice pick-up-and-play style, but it was way too short and easy; I was able to finish the game in less than an hour.  The new version 1.1 update adds one new challenge featuring ten waves, both Pro and Hardcore modes, and a new achievement.  This should significantly increase the amount of playtime you’ll receive from this game, and for $0.99, it’s worth a look for those football fans out there.

That's scarier than all the Halloween monsters!
That's scarier than all the Halloween monsters!

Now on to Pocket God.  What a game.  It started out as a simple island with nothing more to do than throwing the pygmies into the water.  Of course, it developed into sharks, sharks with laser beams, and pygmy-eating piranhas.  This new update adds a holiday skin pack for those in the festive mode for the holidays, and the skin pack costs $0.99.  The update doesn’t leave out the cheapsters though; it adds a whole new island with an Ice Monster and igloo.

Well, that’s it for now and we’ll have more news with updates later.  For those that have bought all these games, enjoy the updates!

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