Update Round-up: Flatspace, Cliffed update; Hook Champ awaiting approval

When good games get better, I count that a good thing. Such is the case with recent updates to Wisp Games’ Flatspace and IUGO’s Cliffed, both previously and favorably reviewed here at NoDpad.


Flatspace is an open-world space exploration, commerce and combat game, and one of the deepest games on the App Store. Version 1.1 fixes bugs and refines gameplay, and — more importantly — adds two new control schemes. Dodgy controls were one of the only real issues I had against Flatspace at release, and that issue is now moot. Users can now choose between traditional tilt controls, and the new swipe and joystick control methods. The joystick control scheme rocks, and rocks hard. Your ship is now as nimble as the bad guys, and the difference redefines combat in Flatspace. The game was pushing its way into my top tier at 1.0; the 1.1 update now solidifies Flatspace’s place as one of my favorite iPhone games. Read the review and give it a chance.


IUGO’s Cliffed is a top-notch casual game in which you must fall faster than the increasingly fast scrolling of your screen by navigating your around boulders to gaps in the platforms. At version 1.0, the game’s roster included 12 characters. The new 1.0.1 update increases that number by two. New characters are BunBun, a rabbit constantly chasing after a carrot on a stick strapped to his own back, and Cuppie, a living cupcake complete with frosting that’s only slightly creepy. The new characters are unlocked by collecting pickups during gameplay. Additional new features include selectable difficulty levels for the single-player game, new leaderboards for each difficulty level and the usual array of bug fixes and refinements.

The new difficulty levels are very welcome, and while the new characters do nothing to enhance or change gameplay, more characters = more fun. Images on the App Store also promise another update coming for Christmas with still more additional characters. Cliffed is a lot of fun, and has a well-implemented multiplayer component. Read the review.

Finally, RocketCat Games has submitted its first update to Hook Champ, our October Game of the Month, to Apple and is now awaiting approval. The update includes a new playable character, OpenFeint challenges and “ghost racing” against other players. I will have a report and impressions when the update goes live.

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