Gameloft Teases Gamers, Releases Video for NOVA, GT Racing, and Tom Clancy’s HAWX

Gameloft is teasing iPhone gamers yet again, releasing a teaser video of NOVA along with a cinematic trailer for GT Racing and gameplay footage of HAWX.  NOVA is a futuristic first-person shooter set in an alien world, similar to Halo’s storyline and setting.  It was first demoed during an Apple event, and many iPhone gamers have become more than excited for its release.

GT Racing, on the other hand, is a racing game in the veins of Real Racing and Gran Turismo, taking on the sim racer genre rather than the arcade racer.  Little is known about this game so far, and screenshots are nonexistent at this moment.  In an attempt to interest gamers, Gameloft has released a cinematic trailer for the game, showing some licensed cars including the Audi R8 and different environments including snow.  GT Racing is expected for a December release.

The NOVA teaser video seems to show just cinematics in the beginning, but if you skip the end, you’ll start to notice some actual gameplay footage.  The video shows some very high-end graphics along with some gun action, similar to that of an Assault Rifle found in Halo.  Along with graphics, the teaser depicts the control scheme: a joystick along with action buttons on the right.  Enemies are also depicted in this trailer, showing some big, red aliens that seem to be similar to the Brutes found in Halo.

This video of Tom Clancy’s HAWX shows both cinematic and in-game footage, and it looks to be one of the premier dogfighting experiences on the iPhone.  We’ve seen many dogfighting attempts on the iPhone, including Metal Sun and F.A.S.T., and while HAWX won’t ship with online multiplayer, the campaign mode seems to be enough for an avid virtual dogfighter.  Tom Clancy’s HAWX will come with licensed planes including many of the planes you enjoy and love.

More information should become available, and we’ll keep you posted as the games develop.  All three games are expected to arrive December 2009; I expect before Christmas.

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