Zombie Attack! Second Wave Review: A Solid Sequel

Zombie Attack! is arguably one of the most popular tower defense games ever created on the App Store alongside Fieldrunners and geoDefense, and with their success, IUGO has created the sequel.  Honestly, I never got the chance to play the first one, but the second one seems to be incredibly different from any other tower defense I’ve ever laid my hands on.


Twists: There are quite a few twists in this game, including a man to attack the zombies, and the fact that the control system isn’t “drag and drop”.  Instead, you must move your man towards the place you want to place your tower, then eventually build your tower from there.  The tower selection had some variety to it also, and there are enough twists in this game to add to your tower defense collection.

Blood and Guts: All you need is that saw tower, and BAM you have zombie arms and legs flying everywhere.  I didn’t think the blood effects were very sophisticated, but it’s enough to keep you ooo-ing and ahhh-ing for the duration of your game time.  They’re not everywhere, and it’s not very bloody, but it gives you some laughs when the zombies start disassembling.

Content: You can always go for the highscore in the survival mode, and with 4 different maps, the survival mode should provide you with quite a bit of fun.  Along with the survival mode, the challenge mode is enough to last you a considerable amount of hours.  While any tower defense game has the ability to suck you in for hours on end, Zombie Attack! Second Wave is truly the only tower defense game that has brought that to my attention.

Variety: This game is all about variety.  4 different maps, 6 different zombies, 7 different turrets, different costumes for your man, the list goes on and on.  Neither map felt the same, and each area required a different strategy altogether.  This factor helped to increase replayability, and I’m glad IUGO took the time to add some variety.


AI: Maybe this is a good thing, but on a technical standpoint, it isn’t.  The AI was quite poor in terms of goals, and when they were walking towards the trailer with nothing shooting at them, they would just walk around the trailer or whatever barrier and run around as if they had lost all purpose.  From my understanding, they seem to be attracted to killing you also, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with most of the enemies.  Some of them just walk by you without a glance, and many of them run away from their destination as if they lost their minds… literally.

I thought Zombie Attack! Second Wave was a good tower defense in and of itself, and while I haven’t tried the previous version, this one seems to stand out when compared to other tower defense games like Fieldrunners and Bloons TD.  It strays away from the traditional drag-and-drop method, and implements a full grown man to carry out all your dastardly deeds.  Whatever the case may be, I’m just satisfied with Zombie Attack! Second Wave.


Zombie Attack! Second Wave was developed by IUGO Mobile Entertainment, and I played through version 1.0.1 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $3.99 with no lite version currently available.



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