Townrs Defender Review: A Brave Hero Defending His… Townrs?

Townrs Defender was released on the App Store some time ago, and the developer has always stuck with updating the game with substantial content every few months or so. After getting the game, I really believe that despite the eccentric title it is something that uses the iPhone and iPod Touch’s strengths to the fullest.

The premise of the game is a bit cliche, but it works – you are a hero defending the village from wave after wave of monsters hell-bent on its destruction. As with other defense game, you do have quite a lot of customization with upgrades, but Townrs Defender has a twist. Though it may sound like a tower defense game, it’s really more of a combination that and a third person fighting game.

Now don’t get me wrong – there are still towers in the game, but you have no real control over them. They are stationary from the beginning of the game and their purpose is to attract enemies and blast fireballs at them. If the towers are destroyed, the enemies go straight for your village gate. Once the gate is destroyed, it’s game over. In my opinion, Townrs Defender is a creative and original title and it deserves to be recognized.


Good Use of Touch Screen Controls: The controls in this game are great, and no d-pad or action buttons are required. To move, you tap an area and slide your finger around, and there are various gestures will activate normal attacks or skills. None of the gestures were even slightly complicated, so it was a breeze playing the game with only one hand.

Difficulty Levels: The difficulty levels are obvious, and they all differ in terms of how many entry points and waves of enemies there will be. The more entry points and enemies, the harder it is for you to defend your all your towers and your gate at the same time. The three difficulty levels ensure that both casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy the game.

Soundtrack: The music in Townrs Defender is epic, and you really feel at times you’re fighting massive amounts of enemies. The score is epic and never gets tiring, and it varies between two or three melodies that all fit the game.


Memory Hog: Sometimes Townrs Defender states that I do not have enough free memory to store all the game info, and as a result, the sound effects and background music are muted. Unfortunately, I had over 2G of memory space, so it sometimes got on my nerves. In addition, there never seemed a reason for it to pop up, as the game was running fine, I quit, then restarted the app and the memory popup appeared.

Two Maps: There are only two maps in the game, which don’t allow for many gameplay options. Though this is a small gripe, I’m hoping that there will be maps and designs in a later update. This would definitely prolong the replay value of the game, which is something everybody looks for in a game.

Townrs Defender is a solid hybrid of tower defense and medieval combat, and the various weapons, skills, enemies, and difficulty levels coupled with the grand soundtrack will have you coming back to the game time and again. Overall, Townrs Defender is something you should buy if you’re interested in defense and fighting games.


Townrs Defender was developed by Prophetic Sky, and I played through version 1.3 of the game on my iPod Touch 2G (OS 3.1.2).  The current price point of the game is $2.99.




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