Preview of Upcoming ‘Mission: Deep Sea’

Now this is quite a concept that we haven’t quite seen before: multitouch swimming.  This adventure game takes place in the oceans, and you’re guiding a sea turtle to unlock a secret and solve the mystery.  For fans of adventure games, this should be definitely one to watch.

The story is described as follows:

Mission: Deep Sea takes place in the near future, where a neural-chip that enables the humans, command and feel the nervous system of primitive animals. In 2015, Snapstronics Incorporation’s n-chip, succeeds on reptiles due to their primitive brain structure. This provides a way to benefit from the perks of these, otherwise wild animals. The fitted n-chips, transports the nerve commands between partners, without interfering the autonomous systems like breathing and digestion. This way, the human partner with the pairing n-chip, is able to command to the muscular system of the animal, and feel what it feels like his own.

Also, a part of the proceeds will be donated to protect and preserve sea turtles around the world.  This environmental friendly game has been already submitted and is awaiting approval.  Don’t be surprised if this shows up a week from now.

Among Mission: Deep Sea’s features include online highscores, multitouch controls, and beautiful underwater graphics.  To really understand what the game is about, check out the video embedded below.  It is said that the first release version will not have many levels as it is episode one, but more will arrive through, I assume, free updates.  The game will be published by Chillingo.




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