Implode Review: A Game With A Bang

IUGO has been one of those companies that have solely devoted their time to developing iPhone games, and I don’t believe they’ll be stopping anytime soon.  With the release of three games all in rapid succession, Implode seems to be one of those that were hurried out onto the App Store.  IUGO’s sudden burst of games is definitely welcoming though, and Implode seems to be one of those games that I’m mildly impressed with.

Now for physics.  What can I say, I’m not a huge physics puzzler fan.  Physics have never been quite interesting to me, and I like to keep the movement around me as simple as possible.  This doesn’t seem to be the case with Implode, being on of the more sophisticated puzzlers out there with some eye candy artwork.  While I didn’t feel the physics to be the best, it’s definitely one of the better puzzle experiences out there.

The goal in this game is to make the building collapse down to a certain line, and you could say that this game is quite the opposite of Topple 2.  If you fail to reach the certain line, you always have the choice to retry the game.  You will be graded on your performance whether it be an A or a D, and there are 3 difficulty levels to chose from.  Implode comes packed with 60 levels along with IUGO VIP, a new system in which you unlock secret Easter eggs whenever a friend buys an IUGO game from your referral.

It’s not a complicated game at all, and it’s definitely one of those puzzle games that isn’t too easy and isn’t too hard; it’s just right.


Artwork: I can’t help it, the artwork in almost all the current iPhone games are starting to look more and more sophisticated.  This seems to be the case with Implode, a game that includes some chalkboard artwork along with some shaking here and there.  Artwork was well done, and while the button design could use some work, it’s an overall good looking game.  But please, get rid of the Marker Felt.

Content: 60 levels should keep you occupied for quite a while, I’ve unlocked 25 or so levels so far in 2 hours, and the average level takes around 4 minutes.  The content isn’t eye-boggling or jaw-dropping, but it’s definitely enough for a game that costs a meager $1.99.  All 4 or 5 of those hours will keep you immersed also, and I found myself unlocking 10 or so levels in one sitting.

Dream Come True: Blowing things up is just what guys love to do, and personally, the feeling is great.  After a stressful day of work, going to Implode and just blowing things up gives a sense of relief and relaxation.  While there are better games to relieve your stress, exploding things is definitely a step towards the right direction.  Sure, this may only apply to the males, but I’m sure there are atleast some females out there willing to go crazy with explosions.


Sounds: I’m not a huge fan of the sounds that are shipped with this game, and with the exclusion of background music, it’s hard to really like the sound.  There would be times when all is silent, and I would find myself checking the sound switch to see if the sound was really on.  I know some people like to solve their puzzles in piece, but it still would be nice to add a background soundtrack.

Physics: The physics aren’t as realistic as I would have liked them to be, and I would find there to be times when the whole structure was being supported by one tiny stick, or whatever you call those rectangular-shaped pieces.  There would also be times when I would make the top half of the building jump in the air, only to fall down quite peacefully with little or no damage.  It’s not exactly accurate, and there’s definitely room for improvement in this area.

I found myself thoroughly enjoying Implode rather than disliking it, and although I’m not a huge fan of physics and anything to do with that genre, Implode was very well made to keep the player keep playing.  I thought IUGO did a good job with creating a solid puzzle experience, and with eye candy graphics like these, I’m sure most people will be pleased with their purchase.


Implode was developed by IUGO Mobile Entertainment, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $1.99.



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4 thoughts on “Implode Review: A Game With A Bang

  1. This is a great game! Its not just about passing the levels, but getting the best score by “bombing” the most ideal section of the structure. I am glad there were difficulty levels, different types of bombs, and different challenges on the levels.
    Get the game – you will enjoy it!

  2. I thought this was fun until I reached level 8-2. Blowing up a Hannakia?! Or as you may call it a Jewish Menorah! That’s fun? Who created this game? WAR or the KKK? I’d like an answer please.

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