Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike Review: Knocking Competitors Out of the Ring

I got the game Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike a little while ago, and it is one of the best games that I have played in recent memory. Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike is a fighting game with incredible graphics, gameplay, content, and it even includes and RPG-like leveling system for your character. I only had one problem with the game, but other than that, Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike is one of my favourite games on the App Store.


Graphics: The graphics in Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike are among the best I have ever seen for any game on the iPhone and iPod Touch. For 3GS and iPod Touch 3G users, the game has OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders that make the characters seem even more realistic. However, when I was playing through the game on my iPod Touch 2G, the graphics were still fantastic and I loved them.

The blood effects make the game for an older audience, as there’s no shortage of blood and sweat when you make contact with the opponent, which puts a sense of realism in the game. Once your opponent gets damaged somewhat, they will begin to sport injuries on their face. After you knock down your opponents, their face will be a veritable mass of bruises, injuries, and missing teeth. During the slow-motion mode, you can literally see the opponent’s face get crushed by your character’s fist. I think this is a nice touch, and adds more to the realism of the game.

Gameplay and Content: There are six game modes and ten initial characters, each with different fighting styles and different stats in speed, stamina, strength, power, and rage. While you’re using a character in career mode, their stats can be drastically improved if you do well in the matches and training mini-games in career mode. However, these improved stats only last for the duration of the game; once your fighter finishes their career their stats will go back down to the ones that had at the beginning of the game.  Characters have different fighting styles with multiple fighting styles in-game such as kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai, brawling, etc. In addition, there are slow-motion and special moves. To execute slow-motion mode you have to have at least one full star in your special move bar (you fill the bar by successfully blocking, dodging, or hitting your opponent) and to execute the special moves to have to have a full filled special move bar.

Controls: The controls in Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike are superb, and I had no problem with them at all. You tap the four quadrants (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right) of the screen to execute a basic attack, and tilt left or right while tapping one of the quadrants to execute a hook attack. You block, you hold the block button, and initiate slow-motion mode or the special attack mode you tap on the special move bar in the extreme upper left of the screen.

Different Camera Views: There are four different camera views; first person, third person, third person left, and third person right. These different camera views allow for different viewing preferences. My favorite was first person view; I got totally immersed in the game.


Recovering Mini-Game: I only had one gripe with Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike; after you get knocked down, you have ten seconds to get back up, and this is done via a tilting mini-game. The tilt isn’t very sensitive, and I often found it difficult to get it to the right degree for more than a moment. I have managed to get up after knockdowns quite a few times, but the time limit and insensitivity will be very hard for many players. This is the game’s one and only fault, but a big one. I look forward to this being fixed in an update.

Overall, Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike is a great game, and ultimately worth the price of $3.99. I think it knocks its competitors Touch KO and Super KO Boxing 2 out of the ring.  In my opinion, the game is something that you must buy if you are even slightly interested in fighting or arcade games.


Iron Fist Boxing 3rd Strike was developed by RealTech VR, and I played through version 3.0 of the game on my iPod Touch 2G (OS 3.1.2).  The game costs $3.99.




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