Jet Car Stunts Review: Stumbles, Tumbles, and Rolls

True Axis has released Jet Car Stunts for the iPhone, boasting of true 3D racing physics engine along with a bunch of other features that are sure to please.  While the graphics are quite good, what about the game itself?  The iPhone world has been on an uproar, giving it titles such as “the best game out there” and other irrational awards, and while Jet Car Stunts is a good game, it’s definitely far from being the best.


Graphics: Graphics are good, nice, and shiny.  Nothing more to talk about here, and I really liked the look of the game.  Sure, the 3D models look awkward and unusual at first, but once you start getting used to the game, you’ll start to feel a huge appreciation for the beauty.

UI/Button Design: Now this is an area where Jet Car Stunts excels, even going to the point where they customized the OpenFeint achievement popups.  Design is very well thought out and shown throughout the whole game, and there were no disruptions in terms of fonts and unnecessary buttons.  Personally, the UI in this game is probably the best I’ve seen in a while.

Physics: Since this is a physics racing game, the physics must be good right?  Especially when the developers are boasting of a truly 3D physics engine, there must be some substance behind their praises.  And while I’m not a physics type of person, the barrel rolling and tumbling through the air was really accurate, and it’s exactly what would happen in the real world.  True Axis did a great job with representing the real world physics and implementing it into this gorgeous-looking game.


Difficulty: This is an area that kept me from giving this game the coveted “Must Have” rating, and it’s really something that bogs this game down.  Even in the “Just Learning” difficulty mode, I would find myself retrying the level over and over again.  The “Easy” difficulty was far from easy, and I believe the developers need to start tweaking the challenge a little bit so more casual gamers can get in on the fun.

The difficulty in this game is almost unreal, and while I may be in the minority, I found this to be a major problem.  I would find myself fuming with frustration after trying to pass the first stage on the “Easy” difficulty, and even on the “Just Learning” stages I would find it hard to cross the finish line.  Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I hope the developers find room to update the difficulty level.

Jet Car Stunts has everything and all the features to make it a hit title, but I just found the difficulty to be a little too much.  It was more frustration than fun for me, and after a long and tiring day, this is one game that I would not go on and play with.  Again, I think it has a lot of potential, but for now, the game is crippled by its excessive difficulty level.  And even if I’m doing something wrong, it would have been nice if the developers added some tutorial or instructions into the game to see my faults.


Jet Car Stunts was developed by True Axis, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $1.99 for a limited time.



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4 thoughts on “Jet Car Stunts Review: Stumbles, Tumbles, and Rolls

  1. Disagree with this review. The difficulty level is a good part of the game, and I never failed a level until Hard E. Just learning and easy and even intermediate were all levels I completed in my first attempt, under 10 retrys.

  2. I’m sorry, but this website just lost all credibility. I think the difficulty curve is great; each successive stage is harder than the last but your skills have increased enough as well. Not sure how you had trouble on the JL levels; I passed all of those first try.

  3. Ehh… it’s all a matter of opinion. I’m sorry you feel that way after reading 2 reviews you disagreed with, but we can’t please everyone 🙂

    The pinpoint accuracy required for this game was a let down for me though, and I did mention that I was in the minority. I’m also not the only person experiencing these problems as numerous people on the iTunes App Store have reviewed the game, agreeing to the difficulty.

    The developers seem to be upbeat about it though, and they seem to be bouncing ideas back and forth about letting in the casual crowd. Jet Car Stunts is a great game and all, I just didn’t feel that the casual crowd would like it.

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