Harbor Havoc 3D Review: Adding A New Dimension

You know you’ve seen it all when boats, submarines, and helicopters are all flying toward different destinations.  Harbor Havoc 3D seems to nudge into the line-drawing genre, and right when I thought no one could make something new, Backflip Studios proved me wrong.  While the changes are plenty, there are some key features missing in the initial version that should be added in a future update.


Graphics: The 2.5D graphics are not as good as I thought they would be, but they’re no where near bad.  I’m a huge fan of good design and good graphics, and Backflip Studios seems to have it down when it comes to design.  While I would have liked the details in the boats and islands to be a little more crisper, it definitely looks a lot nicer than some of the other line-drawing games in the App Store.  This is probably the only line-drawing game to take it to a new dimension other than 2D, and it came out quite nicely.

Plus+: This game would be, in the words of internet geeks, an epic fail if it weren’t for Plus+.  The Plus+ network adds tons and tons of replay value to this game, and without it I don’t know why I would keep playing the game.  The achievements definitely add a whole new dimension to the game, and the racking up of points is not easy, but not too hard.

Twists: I cannot believe Backflip Studios came up with yet another twist to the already crowded line-drawing genre, and I must commend them for their creativeness.  Some twists include the ability to anchor your ship, submarine, and helicopter, helicopters are in the sky and submarines in the sea, and many other small tweaks that have made this game one of the premier line-drawing games in the App Store.


Drawing: The drawing was fine, but it was an annoyance when I tried drawing a line only to be interrupted by another landing point.  The landing point area was also a bit large, so whenever I was drawing quickly, the landing point would get in the way.  While this isn’t a major problem, it’s definitely something that should be looked into to improve the overall gameplay.

Speed: It’s slow.  Backflip Studios has already announced that they are adding a double speed option in an update, but this is something that should have been added in the initial release.  As you start to get used to the game more and more, you’ll notice how slow the game actually is compared to other games like Flight Control and Harbor Master.  Double speed is a much needed feature that was carelessly left out, resulting in a slow and eventually burdensome gameplay.

Harbor Havoc 3D is, to my surprise, one of the best line-drawing games on the App Store as of present.  With so much competition, I didn’t figure that a company would try their luck in this crowded genre, but Backflip Studios managed to be creative and produce one heck of a job.  Sure there are some minor and major flaws with the game, but the overall experience was a positive one.  For those cheap people out there, yes, it’s definitely worth your money.


Harbor Havoc 3D was developed by Backflip Studios, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $1.99.



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