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SpringFling Promo Code Contest: Why Is It Jumping?

The kind folks over at GTProductions were generous enough to hand me (2) promo codes used to redeem the game for free in the US App Store.  Winning these codes are quite easy, and all you have to do is come up with a witty response.  The 2 people with the wittiest responses will receive (1) promo code each.

Please note that this contest is only for fun with no “intense” competition or stress allowed.  The SpringFling promo code contest is hosted on our forums, and you must sign up to reply to the thread.  Once there are atleast 5 entrants or until November 19, 2009, the contest will end and the winners will be chosen.

If you are given a promo code, please take the time to write a review on iTunes.  Hope for the best, and good luck on this promo code contest.

  1. Clara on Monday 16, 2009

    It is afraid of the ground!

  2. Clara on Monday 16, 2009

    It is afraid of the ground

  3. Gryphon23 on Monday 16, 2009

    He wants to beat Doodler! (from doodle jump)

  4. Clara on Monday 16, 2009

    Someone put itching powder in its pants

  5. Clara on Monday 16, 2009

    His mom was a jumping bean

  6. Bruno Júnior on Monday 16, 2009

    he is working hard to get a jump-grade from his boss

  7. Daniel on Monday 16, 2009

    Winners are… Clara and appattack (since he followed the rules).

    Thanks for entering everyone, and we should have another promo code contest soon.

    - Daniel

  8. Bruno Júnior on Monday 16, 2009

    WOW! =O I forgot to register )= nah :/ anyway, next time i get one!