Worms Express Released for iPhone

Now now, no reason to get excited here.  Worms Express has been released for the iPhone, but what exactly is it?  It isn’t a new gameplay mode or new Worms game that’s for sure; it’s actually somewhat of a lite version or demo for the full one.  It is quite greedy for them to charge for a lite version, but it seems to pack more than a regular demo.

Many of you, including me, would have wanted for Team17 to release an update for Worms instead of working on other useless side projects, and while the original Worms was update to fix performance, it’s still missing many features.  There are games like Star Hogs that totally destroys Worms in terms of content and online multiplayer, and Worms for the iPhone has so far been a bust.

If you want to try out Worms, you can buy the cheaper Worms Express to get a feel for the game.  In my honest opinion, I think you should just wait until Team17 updates Worms with online multiplayer before even considering buying any product from them.

Team17 did announce, though, that an update with upgraded graphics for the 3GS along with Bluetooth multiplayer will be out soon.

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