Rally Master Pro 3D Review: Dirty, But Gets The Job Done

Fishlabs hasn’t exactly been the most sophisticated developer in the App Store just yet, but two releases have made them become noticed by iPhone gamers, the games including Galaxy On Fire and Rally Master Pro 3D.  Both games have shown to harness the power of the iPhone, using fully 3D models and gorgeous environments.

Of course, graphics isn’t what it’s all about as we’ve seen games absolutely fail even though they did look quite nice.  If you’re a rally racing fan at all though, I think I can full-heartedly recommend Rally Master Pro, although there are some issues that you must face to get through it.


Graphics: These graphics are probably some of the best in the App Store, and the design is absolutely flawless.  The 3D environments are near jaw-dropping, and the car models are very well made.  I was surprised with how much Fishlabs decided to add into this game, and the look and feel is definitely seen through these gorgeous 3D models.  If it wasn’t for other gorgeous 3D games like Hero of Sparta, I would be drooling at even the sight of this beautifully made game.

Controls: Accelerometer controls not working for you?  Why not try out the analog controls, or the touch controls.  Maybe you don’t like the touch controls on the left hand side?  Maybe move the arrows to both sides of the screen.  There are so many options for controls that it’s hard to not chose atleast one.  While the accelerometer controls for me were way too sensitive, I found the touch controls to be the most accurate when racing.

Mini-games: Now normally, I wouldn’t be a huge fan of mini-games in a racing game, but Rally Master Pro implements them quite well.  They provide some sort of a relief from the actual game itself, and it’s a good time-waster when you’re looking for something else to play.  While the mini-games are good for only a few minutes of play, it’s still definitely a nice little break.  While some may find the mini-games disrupting, I found them to be well made and much needed for a game such as this.


No Multiplayer: I know that there is no AI in this game, and while that is somewhat pitiful, there should be atleast some form of multiplayer.  It would have been nice if Fishlabs included WiFi or even Bluetooth multiplayer to play against your friends and family, and this is a feature that should be on Fishlabs’s top priorities.

No AI: Realistically, this can’t be added in an update as you would have to fix all the tracks along with an AI itself, but it still would have been nice if Fishlabs added some sort of AI to the game.  The AI seems to get me more competitive in the game, and when I’m going at my own pace, it does become pretty slow.  An AI would have been a nice addition to the game, but the game itself is still not too bad at all.

Gameplay Balancing: The balancing in the gameplay still needs some tweaking as I’ve been able to pass the Amateur level with a gold medal, and I’m standing around 4th place in the Professional level.  The Amateur level was ridiculously easy, but the Professional mode seems to jump a little too much and it becomes too difficult to place in even the top 3.  Even a little mistake will drop you from the 1st place spotlight, and I believe this should be added into the next update.

While the dislikes seems to outweigh the likes, Rally Master Pro is surprisingly a very solid rally racing game.  While there are some major features missing like multiplayer, Rally Master Pro is still a blast to play, and I don’t regret the purchase at all.  Personally, I think it’s absolutely worth the $4.99 if Fishlabs choses to update the game regularly and respond to user feedback.  There are some flaws in the game, but for rally racing fans, this should be enough for you until another, more sophisticated version is released.


Rally Master Pro 3D was developed by Fishlabs, and I played through version 1.1 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $4.99, and there is no lite version currently available.



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  1. I don’t know much about the rally car sport to know if they race head to head or not, but I got a kick out of this title. Good analysis.

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