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Upcoming Minigore Christmas Update

It seems as if developers are getting ready for the holiday season, starting during the end of October all the way through to the end of December.  John Gore isn’t resting for the holidays though as he fights back crime the hard way through the endless forests and enemies we now know as “Furries”.

But don’t be alarmed, this Christmas update will give you a new character to help out the battle-worn John Gore in his never-ending goal of defeating the furries once and for all.  Chillingo was kind enough to provide us with a few drawings of the new character, Jerry Gore, for us to share with our readers.

Jerry Gore is the uncle of John Gore who has recently escaped the Hardland nursing home.  He’s up and ready to fight the furries with cane in hand, and it’s definitely good to see the old guys get into the battle.  Along with Jerry Gore, the update will put John Gore in a Santa costume along with a Wormwolf boss.

Please note that all these screens are concept art and are subject to change when the update is released.



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