SpringFling Review: Springing From Heart to Heart

GTProductions makes its debut on the iPhone with the release of SpringFling, and many have rightly compared the game to the likes of Doodle Jump and Papi Jump.  While the concept is more or less the same, the gameplay mechanics have been slightly tweaked to feature a slower, yet smoother feel.  Physics gamers should fall instantly in love with this one, and fans of Doodle Jump may start to feel the SpringFling vibe.


Design: It’s one thing when a game looks good, and it’s another when it looks great.  SpringFling just happens to be in the great category with probably some of the best UI I’ve ever seen in a game.  While the developer could work on button feedback a little bit more, design is definitely a lot better than some indie games I’ve come across.

Graphics: The 2.5D graphics definitely look nice in this game, and it takes Doodle Jump to a whole new dimension.  When playing the game, you won’t be feeling the Doodle Jump vibe at all, and the developer(s) did a great job with providing a whole different feel in the game.  The graphics are only a minor factor in the overall gameplay, and while the idea is far from original, the design and graphics makes it seem as if its a whole new ball game.

Levels: The available levels aren’t much, but each one feels like a whole new game.  Doodle Jump only featured one background or so, and SpringFling seems to take it to the next level by providing around 6 or 7 different levels.  Each level is also designed very well, and it feels like a totally different game when playing a different level.


Pace: Some people may find the pace a little bit slow, and while I was playing, SpringFling definitely felt a little bit slower than the average game pace.  While some may feel a little more relaxed with the slow pace, I’m a huge fan of speedy games and just anything that moves fast.  I can still see people enjoying the slow pace, but some people may have a problem with it.  It’s not a very, very slow pace, but it’s definitely noticeable.

SpringFling is definitely a worthy competitor to Doodle Jump and Papi Jump, and while some gameplay mechanics are totally different, the concept is more or less the same.  I thoroughly enjoyed SpringFling, and the inclusion of AGON Online and other online features may just put this one at the top.  The pace was a minor issue that I encountered, but other than that, SpringFling is definitely worth a look at $0.99.


SpringFling was developed by GTProductions, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.



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