Cell War Review: An Epic Journey into the Micro World

Recently I picked up Cell War, a game developed by TipCat Mobile. Cell War is a side-scrolling shooter, and immediately upon looking at it I thought it would be another one of those run-of-the-mill games. Truthfully, I was pleasantly surprised when I started playing the game. The smooth graphics, visual and sound effects, and easy controls blew me away. Even though I’ve never been too big on side-scrolling games, I have to say that Cell War is an outstanding finished product.


Interface: When you start up the game the menu is very sleek and organized. I had no trouble navigating around the options and exploring things I could tweak.

Controls: The controls were very simple; tilt to move, tap on enemy to launch missile, and tap the bottom to corners to initiate a temporary blast shield which destroys all the projectiles that within a small radius of your ship.

The ship automatically fires and the tilt can be calibrated, so you can play at any angle of your choosing. Needless to say, the controls felt very natural and responsive. There is no option for touch controls, which I would have preferred, but the tilt does an amazingly good job.

Depth: Once you start up a new game, you have the choice of three difficulty levels: easy, normal, or hard. I think TipCat Games clinched Cell War with this; both casual and hardcore players will be satisfied with what the game has to offer.

On the easy level, there were noticeably less enemies, they fired slower, and there was never more than one semi-boss or boss on the screen at one time. On the hard difficulty, the screen began to become swarmed with easily killed but annoying enemies, and sometimes there was even more than one semi-boss on screen. In addition, there are quite a few levels and numerous bosses. No matter what the player’s skill level is at, Cell War has something to offer to each and every person and will satisfy their need for a quality shooter.


Upgrades: The upgrade system in this game is not very well implemented. The only way you can get better weapons, missile capacity upgrades, and health power-ups are by luck. Randomly throughout levels you will see power-up boxes.  You have to break these to get a random upgrade. Enemies also sometimes drop upgrades, but it is also completely by chance if you get something good.

When I’m playing, I don’t really like getting a health restore when I’m at full health or a basic laser when my ship is destroying everything and shooting five bullets at a time. The power-ups are really great in terms of use and application in the game, but I just don’t like the way that you get them.

In conclusion, Cell War has an large amount of depth compared to other games on the App Store. In total, the game has more than ten bosses, three difficulty levels, and nine types of stages. The $2.99 price tag may seem steep for a game of this genre, but once you buy it you won’t be disappointed. In the future I’d like to see an in-game shop of sorts and an endless mode, but the game is great as it is right now. This is a definitely a game that should be on your “buy” list.

Cell War was developed by TipCat Mobile, and I played through version 1.0 of the game on my iPod Touch 2G. Currently the price point of the game is $2.99 with a Lite version to try.

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Jeff to our writing team!  Cell War is his first review and article on the site, and you can expect many more reviews coming your way courtesy of Jeff.  Please welcome him in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Cell War Review: An Epic Journey into the Micro World

  1. Power-ups are not randomly distributed in general. Certain enemies and enemy formations contain them, and usually there is choice between two weapon pickups available just before most end-stage bosses. The play feels excellently tweaked in general; I can always count on health pickups appearing at reasonable intervals. I hope Tipcat doesn’t change a thing about this game unless. This will go to the top of the charts, once both moderately skilled and hardcore players alike start spreading the word. Props to Tipcat

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