Rogue Planet To Be Published By Gameloft

Big news?  I think yes!  Rogue Planet is arguably one of the most anticipated RTSs (real-time strategy) games coming to the App Store right now, and I have heard so many questions on when Rogue Planet is coming.  Agharta Studios was finished with the development of Rogue Planet quite a long time ago, but it had to wait for its unknown publisher to time all the releases right.

The artwork is very similar to what you would find in 1112 Episode 01, and it’s definitely has an aesthetic appeal to it.  Being a lover of design and artwork, I find Rogue Planet’s design to be very well laid out, and the artwork is a lot better than most of the games that are currently on the App Store.

We’ll have more news of this game as they are released, but check out this new trailer released today based on Rogue Planet.  Rogue Planet is slated for a November 24, 2009 release.

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  1. why do people not realize that a game doesnt need amazing graphics to be fun? I think of games as an escape from the toil of life. So that for 15 or 20 minutes I can escape the shit that happens. I dont need a game that can render graphics so well that it reminds me of real life. One of my favorite games ever is SSBM. Standard gamecube graphics, but it is still an amazing game.

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