Gameloft’s Profits Rise 18%, Not Stopping Anytime Soon

For all you stock brokers and investors out there, there’s one company that you should definitely watch; and it’s definitely becoming one of the leading game developer on any mobile device.  Its Q3 earnings were released today, totaling to around 60 million US dollars, and the first 9 month earning report came out to a total of around 130 million US dollars.  The Q3 report was up 15% from last year, and the nine month report was up 18%.

38% of Gameloft’s sales were from Europe followed closely by North America being 31%.  The rest of the world took up the last 31% of Gameloft’s sales in the third quarter of 2009.  Revenues jumped 17% also, and Gameloft claims it as because of its huge success on the Apple’s App Store along with some Java and Brew games here and there.

They’re not stopping here either.  Gameloft has also planned to expand their game releases to nine more countries in the Middle East along with ten in Southeast Asia.  With more than 898 million subscribers already coming from Southeast Asia, it’s definitely another big step for this game developing company.

It’s definitely interesting to see how a developer grows, and it’s more than exciting to see a company grow even during these tough times.  Growing 18% versus the last year is definitely a huge improvement, and we congratulate Gameloft for their increase.  We can only hope that Gameloft continues to grow and continues to push the limits, but for now, I don’t think they’re slowing down anytime soon.

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