Two IUGO Games Released: ‘Cliffed’ and ‘Zombie Attack! Second Wave’

IUGO is very well known for a lot of their games, including the first version of Zombie Attack along with their newly released Star Hogs, a turn-based artillery game that includes both offline and online play modes.  Their new sequel to their popular tower defense has just arrived, and a copy of a popular flash game has also arrived.

Zombie Attack! was one of the first tower defense games on the App Store, standing aside App Store classics like Fieldrunners and 7 Cities TD.  Most people absolutely loved Zombie Attack when it was first released, and the second one shouldn’t be any different.  This sequel has been tremendously improved to include much better graphics, new towers, maps, and enemies.  If you were a fan of the first version, I suggest you go ahead and check out the next one.

Another game from IUGO that has just been released is Cliffed, a copy of the popular flash game.  Of course, the artwork and graphics have been greatly improved from the flash game, but the core gameplay is basically the same.  Along with an endless gameplay mode, Cliffed includes online multiplayer against any 4 people in the world.  There are a total of 12 characters to chose from, and the game is now available for $1.99.



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