Eliminate and Touch Pets Dogs Live in Canada

Both of Ngmoco‘s games: Eliminate and Touch Pets Dogs, have just been approved by Apple.  The best news for gamers is that both of these games are coming free of cost.  If you really must give away your money, there are options to buy DLC in both of the games.

Ngmoco has decided to make these games available to download only in Canada at first.  Once server testing has been completed, they’ll set the games to be available worldwide.  I’d expect everyone to be able to get these games by the end of the weekend at the latest.  You can follow ngmoco’s Twitter channel to know immediately when the game has been released.

For the unfamiliar, Eliminate is an online multiplayer first person shooter.  Touch Pets Dogs has you taking care of your own puppy.  The game bears an immediate resemblance to the Nintendo DS hit Nintendogs.

Follow the links if you’re in Canada and start playing!  Eliminate and Touch Pets Dogs.



5 thoughts on “Eliminate and Touch Pets Dogs Live in Canada

  1. 2 questions. Please advise

    1. Which server control and monitor my online playing of Eliminate? Plus+ network or iTune? that is which is records my account? because I may pay $$ for getting the energy needed to play online. So I need to know which server do the control and monitor my energe level.

    2. Is this game available inChina apple store? say, if I visit China, can I download in local apple store or I have to download from US store? Please advise

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