Best Halloween Treats for the iPhone

With Halloween around the corner, it might be fun to invest a little time in a spooky new game or two. To make sure you’re not tricked into spending your hard earned cash only to end up with a title as empty as Charlie Brown’s goodie bag, check out these games guaranteed to give you a treat. What else are you going to do while waiting for the neighbor kids to come over in their oversized plastic Batman costumes looking for free candy?


Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor might be one of those games that eventually defines this generation of touch gaming. An innovative side-scrolling action/puzzler with beautiful scenery, high production value, and a mystery to boot, this title delivers an experience that can only be had on an iPhone. Is it too soon to call this game a classic?



Resident Evil rears its ugly head for a second time on the iPhone with Resident Evil 4, a fine third person shooter that never veers too far from the formula. Great cut scenes and an intriguing plot-line keep the action moving in this new chapter of the perennial series. If you’re not a fan of over-the-shoulder shooters, try the top down title Alive 4-ever, a dual-stick bloodbath with hints of a RPG.


Tower Defense

Halloween or not, Monsterkill has to be one of the best tower defense games on the iPhone. An onslaught of Draculas, mummies, Frankensteins and teen wolves are outside your door. They must be mowed down with intuitive touch controls: a swipe cuts off a zombie’s head while a z-pattern lights up Dracula with 1.21 gigawats of pure electric force. Simple, fun, and addictive, this game is an absolute buy.



Dark Harvest is the next generation of the match three game made popular by the Bust-a-Move series. Although the plot is silly– raise an evil vegetable garden by conjuring spirits– this incarnation far exceeds its predecessors with a much more organic experience. Don’t let the loading issues scare you; Red Rocket seems to have fixed the bugs that plagued their launch.


Day Old Candy

Like the candy you trade away to your kid brother, these titles may not end up being your favorite Snickers bar, but they can still satisfy your need for a gaming fix.

Horror Racing is a nice update to the top-down racer. It’s also light on the gore and family friendly.

iZombieland: Let’s face it; usually games with movie ties are horrible, but this side scrolling action title may surprise you.

Kids Vs. Zombies: This conceptual cousin to Monsterkill doesn’t boast the same production value, but it may be worth a test drive because it’s free!

Silent Hill: The Escape: This first-person shooter veers a bit from its previous incarnations, but it’s still creepy.

Zombie Pizza: Try to subdue an angry mob of hungry zombies by doling out their disgusting dishes. Get their order wrong, and you’ll end up on the menu.


Instead of smashing your neighbors jack-o-lanterns or moonwalking to Thriller in your front lawn, download a game or two. They’re a great way to kill the night, and in case you haven’t heard, Apple could really use the money. Hee hee. Have a great Halloween!

Writer’s Note: in no way is this list definitive. If I’ve forgotten a game that brings you devilish delight, don’t fret. Share them with the No DPad team by leaving us a comment in the forums.

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  1. Hey, where is Zombie City? thats one hell of a halloween game… kepps me bussy for hrs.. I think its a hidden jem material 🙂

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