‘Stoneloops of Jurassica’ Removed From App Store

Normally, this wouldn’t be a huge deal because we’ve seen games disappear off the App Store only to reappear again.  This doesn’t seem to be the case for Stoneloops of Jurassica, one of the premier marble shooters on the App Store.  It received a lot of competition once Luxor, Atlantis Sky Patrol, and Tumblebugs were released; but it still stood tall among all the others.

According to the developer’s blog, the game was removed ultimately due to MumboJumbo’s complaint to Apple.  A quote from the blog shows why the game was removed, and to me these accusations seem absolutely absurd.

About 3 weeks ago we have learned that MumboJumbo supplied Apple with a formal complaint and a request to remove StoneLoops! from the AppStore. The reason? Infringing Luxor copyright, confusing customers, stealing Luxor’s look & feel and even stealing their source code! This might sound absurd to anyone who knows both games but apparently Apple decided otherwise as we’ve been requested to prepare a formal response, which we did. We described how ungrounded each claim is and supplied various materials to back our claims.

I’m sure some of you have played Stoneloops and found it to be quite excellent, and there’s really no “infringing of copyright” and “copying source code”.  Personally, these notions are absolutely ridiculous.  This shows how the industry giants have their own little monopoly going on, blocking out the indie developers and killing their competition.

We’ve seen similar situations like Tris being removed for infringing copyright from Tetris, but something like this is unheard of and just plain wrong.  It doesn’t make sense to me why a company would make false claims about their competition because they just can’t compete with it.

Anyhow, it’s all about the money right?  Maybe I’m a little too passionate on this subject, but this is still ridiculous nonetheless.  Stoneloops was arguably one of the best marble shooters out there, and it’s a shame that it was removed due to false accusations.

We’ll have more once the story develops a little bit, but until then we can only hope for Stoneloops’s safe return.

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