Shrek Kart Review: Smells Like An Onion

Shrek Kart is Gameloft’s version of the kart racer we know so well, seeing other kart racers like Krazy Kart Racer from Konami and Cocoto Kart Online from Eurocenter.  Of course, Shrek Kart takes this kart genre to the next level with all new characters from Dreamwork’s hit movie Shrek, including Donkey and the Ogre Triplets.

While you would think that Shrek Kart for iPhone would be awesome, there are still some problems needed to be sorted out.  It’s not perfect by any means, and it’s a little underwhelming for most.


Graphics: I would have to say that Shrek Kart features some of the best graphics in a kart racer, utilizing a lot of the iPhone’s capabilities.  I found the environments to be very well-rendered and very well done, and the graphics play a huge part in the game.  The different tracks are all designed very nicely with a totally different look on all tracks.  It didn’t feel repetitious or the same; each track was designed individually and was made to look completely different from the others.

Characters: There are a ton of characters in this game, including the Ghost of Lord Farquad and the Ogre Triplets.  Of course, it is a Shrek-based game, which gives the game access to tons and tons of Shrek characters.  Honestly, I never knew there were so many main characters in the movie Shrek until I saw Shrek Kart, and I never knew Shrek and Fiona had babies.  Anyhow, lots of characters are always good, and this seems to be the case in Shrek Kart.

Tracks: As I mentioned before, each track is designed differently and has its own look and feel to it.  This leads me to say how many tracks have this individual design going on.  There are a total of 15 tracks available in Shrek Kart: 12 racing tracks and 3 arenas.  Of course, this doesn’t sound like much as almost all the other kart racers have the same amount.  Shrek Kart, though, features a lot better level design on all the tracks, and I felt like this really was a premium kart racer.


AI: This unbalanced AI will have you screaming for the game to stop.  Even on easy, you will be frustrated and left in the dust, let alone your children and all the people who play for fun.  With an AI like this, you’ll be more anguished than having fun, and you’ll be foiled time and time again.

The problem with the AI is that it gives no room for error, otherwise known as a “rubber band AI”.  Even on the easy difficulty, it would be almost impossible to receive the first place award, and you would not be allowed to make even one mistake.  It’s really frustrating when you’re sitting down for a few minutes of relaxation, and it just isn’t fun when a game does something like this.

No Sense of Speed: I feel like I’m going 1 mph when playing Shrek Kart.  Seriously, even when going through the hyper speed arrows, I feel like I’m not moving at all and it’s just the environment is moving.  This is unacceptable when it comes to racing as a player always wants to feel the thrill of the ride, zooming through the tracks like there’s no tomorrow.  This no sense of speed really takes away from the gameplay, and it just doesn’t feel like a racing game at all.

Shrek Kart has everything for the makings of a good kart racer, but it ultimately fails when it came to AI and sense of speed.  The graphics are absolutely phenomenal, and I really can’t believe I’m running this on my phone, but in reality looks aren’t everything.  Shrek Kart was designed very well, but the gameplay just sucks.  It’s as simple as that.


Shrek Kart was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0.7 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $4.99.



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