Sniper vs. Sniper Online Released for iPhone

Com2us is arguably one of the better developers in the App Store, bringing us one of the most complete online experiences known as Homerun Battle 3D.  Well, they’re at it again with the release of Sniper vs. Sniper for the iPhone and iPod Touch in which you are a sniper hunting for the enemy.

With my hands-on time with it, I wouldn’t say that it’s for everyone, but it’s definitely for those looking for a really intense game.  This is probably one of the most pressuring games I have ever played, and the online multiplayer is absolutely nuts.  You’ll be scrambling around the screen looking for your opponent and screaming in agony at your loss.  Your multiplayer battles will almost never be one-sided as your opponent is searching for you as fast as you’re searching for them.

There’s also a very extensive single player mode for those looking for one, and it’ll keep those iPod Touch users busy for a while.  Without having WiFi, the single player campaign is the next best thing for an iDevice gamer as it does take a pretty long time to beat.  Each map has three game modes, all of which are more or less the same.  I wouldn’t say the game got repetitive when it came to the offline mode, but we’ll have to muster some more hands-on hours with the final build.

Check out the forums post to get in on the discussion, and we should have a review up for this game soon.


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