Dungeon Hunter Review: A Kingdom Saved Is A Kingdom Earned

Gameloft is arguably one of the best developers in the App Store, bringing us App Store wonders like Assassin’s Creed and Hero of Sparta.  In the veins of Hero of Sparta comes another RPG named Dungeon Hunter, and it is delivered in full force with the names of Diablo backed right behind it.  While the game reminded me more of Untold Legends for the PSP, it’s still a lot better than I expected, and this is definitely a 3D RPG done right.


Environments: The environments were very well done, and the graphics were very nicely rendered.  The different environments were a pleasure to stroll through from empty cities to eerie forests.  You even get the chance to go to hell and back via the Forge, a place you’ll come across after a few hours of playing.  It’s really nice to see how different the environments are, and Gameloft didn’t slack at all when designing all of them.

Tons of Items: Basically, there is a sword, dagger, axe, maul, 2H Sword, and Great Axe for the Warrior character, and each item goes from weak to soldier’s.  The progression of these weapons are only the start, and implement that into the armor and rings and you’ll get Dungeon Hunter.  And that’s only the Warrior.  Mages have their own set of armor also, and I’m assuming the Rogue uses the same equipment as the Warrior.  But honestly, the amount of items available is quite impressive and more than I could ever dream of.  There are also the magical items with the special additions, adding quite another level to the whole item tree.

Skills: You receive tons of skills when the game begins, and you have the choice to pick between 12-16 skills for your character to execute.  This is 12-16 passive and active skills combined, and while it doesn’t sound like much, it’s definitely a lot when you’re actually playing the game.  The number of special attacks available is quite impressive, and the passive skills seemed to be more of a bonus in the skills list.

This feature seems to be the most like Untold Legends on the PSP as it features an upgrade skills screen with points added every level you level up.  There are a wide variety of active skills to learn, and each skill has the ability to be leveled up to 10.  This feature is very similar to Untold Legend’s skill upgrade system and players of that game should be familiar with this system.

Content: This game isn’t as long as Zenonia, but it’s definitely a lot longer than Underworlds (although I haven’t tried the new content update).  This game will jam pack 6-7 hours of fun on your iPhone, and this would normally played through around 10 or more sittings through many days of playing.  If you’re a casual gamer like me, you’ll find yourself pretty busy with this game whether it be on the toilet or waiting for your ride.

Enemies: There is a large variety of enemies to chose from, and you’ll definitely feel that variety when playing the game.  Each part of the quest has atleast 3 or 4 new enemies introduced to you when traveling to another area, and it was definitely impressive to see so many enemies.  They aren’t different colored sprites either; they’re all different and differently modeled to look significantly different from the other enemies.  The variety is very noticeable in Dungeon Hunter, and the plethora of enemies is more than I could ever ask for.


Clunky Menus: It seems like Gameloft somewhat failed when it came to menu design, and I couldn’t help but feel it to be cluttered.  The menu design was a little bit sloppy and unorganized, and it was just way too cluttered.  There was a lot of information displayed including all the weapons and armor you were wearing, and while this is important, it would have been nice to see some more organization.  The design also felt a little bland when it came to buying items from the shops and switching around some armor.

Broken Music Player: Fortunately, I have the Apple headphones to continue my music when the game decides to pause it, but for the majority of iPhone players, they want the music player to work.  Unfortunately, the game’s music player is utterly broken and unworkable.  This is somewhat of a disappointment as I would think that they would fix it after being broken in Blades of Fury and Real Soccer 2010.

It really just seems lazy when they don’t get a music player to work.  When trying to play a song, the game will start playing a totally different song, leaving you frustrated and confused.  It’s all pretty random, and while the music player looks cool and all, it just doesn’t work.  Fix this Gameloft as this is probably the most frustrating feature.

What can I say, Dungeon Hunter is the perfect RPG for the perfect device.  Okay, so maybe not perfect but definitely close.  It’s great for those times to pick up and play, and it’s definitely good enough to keep the hardcore gamer interested.  The Diablo-like RPG was successfully recreated in Underworlds, and Dungeon Hunter just takes that Diablo formula and implements it perfectly into the iPhone.  This RPG passed my expectations by quite a large margin, and Gameloft amazed me with this one.


Dungeon Hunter was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.4 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $6.99.



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