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Homerun Battle 3D Update Adds DLC, Most Expensive Being $19.99

Over 100 new items have been added to the popular arcade baseball game Homerun Battle 3D, with the most expensive set costing you a hefty $19.99.  When I first saw the DLC, I didn’t think it would run for that much, but my iPhone does not lie.

Com2us, one of the leading developers on the iPhone and developer of the wonderful RPG Chronicles of Inotia, have released their 1.3 update just today adding new DeMarini uniforms in an all new feature in which you can buy full sets for a certain price.  The cheapest set it the Hero set which only runs for 1000 gold balls, and the most expensive is the DeMarini CF4 set, costing $19.99.

The introduction of DLC is starting to become more and more prominent as Tap Tap Revenge 3 and Rock Band have both released with considerable amounts of DLC.  Homerun Battle 3D is just another quality game that has entered the mix with even more costly content, but I’m guessing that more devoted fans of this game will pay to play.

Maybe DLC is the premium App Store everyone was talking about?  I don’t know, the world may never know.

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