Bloons Tower Defense Review: Flash Game or iPhone Game?

Digital Goldfish is well known for their Bloons game on the iPhone, a game that made a successful march up the App Store charts a few months ago.  With the Bloons influence slowly crawling away, they released Bloons TD for the iPhone, a port of the flash version.  While most iPhone ports are poorly done (for example, Mega Man II), Bloons TD is a perfect port of the perfect game.


Upholds the Spirit: I really doubted that Bloons TD was going to be as great as the flash version as I’ve never really come across such a perfect iPhone port.  Bloons TD for iPhone successfully recreates the flash version experience with adorable graphics and a lot more content.  It’s almost as if the iPhone version is Bloons TD 2.0 compared to the flash version.

Artwork: I’ve always thought that the artwork in Bloons TD was weird but nicely designed.  The artwork in this version is more or less the same, and it looks exactly like how I remember it on the PC.  The artwork seems to have been sized down a bit, but looks as if I’m playing the PC version through a flash plugin (Adobe and Apple, please agree on a flash plugin for Safari).  I really like the recreation on the iPhone, and I’m glad they didn’t change the artwork or anything of that sort.

Content: Bloons TD for the iPhone has more content than any other tower defense game that I’ve come across, and the number of maps that are available is overwhelming.  The game includes around 20 or so different maps along with 9 exclusive iPhone tracks that aren’t available in the flash version.  Also, there are 3 levels of difficulty for those looking for a challenge.


Placing Towers: The area available for placing towers is quite small, and even with my small fingers, it was hard to place the towers in the correct spot.  Sure it wasn’t bothersome or anything, but it may bother others with larger fingers.  It would have been nice to include a grid of some sort to help out people when placing towers, but alas, there are no grid options.  I can see this as a problem for some, but those with small fingers should be able to endure it.

Bloons Tower Defense is one of the most complete tower defense games I have ever come across, and the amount of content and different types of maps is overwhelming.  It also preserves the spirit of the PC version, making it one of the best ports I have ever encountered.  If you’re even a slight fan of the flash version, Bloons Tower Defense for the iPhone is a definite must have.


Bloons Tower Defense was developed by Digital Goldfish, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $2.99.



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