Apple Approves of DLC With Free Apps, Rolando 2 Goes Free

This is huge news for the iPhone gaming world, leading developer ngmoco:) to announce that they are releasing their first-person shooter for absolutely no cost.  A lot of the criticism for DLC in Eliminate has died down quite a bit now after Apple announced this.

So what does this mean for iPhone gamers?  You’ll start to see games and applications becoming free, serving as a lite version for the game and in-app purchases to unlock more and more levels.  For example, Rolando 2 has now become free with 4 in-app purchases: Ch. 2 for $0.99, Ch.3 for $0.99, Ch. 4 for $0.99, and Ch. 5 and 6 for $1.99.  In total, the game is now $4.99 instead of the $5.99 it was previously offered for, making the game seem significantly cheaper.

This also helps developers to submit only one binary instead of two for the lite and paid versions, and I expect to see more and more developers jump on this fact.  It could mean that big developers like Gameloft will start to release their apps for free with DLC to increase content, and maybe even Digital Chocolate will start to join in.

Too bad for Tap Tap Revenge 3 though as many users will start to feel like TTR3 should be changed to free.  Anywho, this move by Apple is a significant one for the growth of the App Store, and we’ll start to see developers like ngmoco:) take advantage of this situation.

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