First Person Shooter ‘Eliminate’ Will Be Free

After the announcement of allowing free apps to include DLC, ngmoco:) has decided to set out their long-awaited first person shooter free.  No one can complain anymore about the DLC since you paid nothing for the game itself, and paying $0.99 for a battery charge doesn’t seem to be as shocking as it was.

The speculated price for the game was originally $9.99, but many complaints about adding DLC for recharging batteries only probably pushed ngmoco:) over the edge.  Maybe they were planning this all along, but it’s definitely good news for everyone who was looking forward to this game.

Now that Apple announced free apps to include DLC, I can only hope that Tap Tap Revenge 3 drops in price.  Yes, it’s only $0.99, but the amount of expensive DLC in the game turns many people off, including me.  Anyhow, expect Eliminate to arrive sometime this month as it has already been submitted to the App Store.

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One thought on “First Person Shooter ‘Eliminate’ Will Be Free

  1. I don’t think they were pushed over the edge. I think this is their strategy, and it’s the right one. Get people hooked on your game, and they will pay for microtransactions. Sure, not everyone will pay, but those that do will spend a lot. This has already been proven in several MMOs.

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