Zombie Pizza Review: Order Up!

Appy Entertainment may better be known for their title Face Fighter, but their new game Zombie Pizza has been gaining ground.  And for reasonable reasons also.  My time with Zombie Pizza has been a good one, and this time management game is not affected by our global economy state.  It’ll never go bankrupt, and I’m pretty positive you won’t put it down.


Artwork: The first thing I look for in a game is artwork.  Whether it design, graphics, and/or button design, that’s exactly what I look for.  Yes, some see the gameplay first then go on to see the looks, but artwork for me leaves a good or bad impression when I start the game.  In Zombie Pizza, I really loved the eyeball, guts, and heart graphics, and the sound it makes when setting it on the pizza is phenomenal.  While the button design is a bit drab, the artwork itself was more or less well done.

Gameplay: Time management games have made quite a hit on the iPhone with games including Sally’s Spa and Turbo Subs.  Zombie Pizza takes that gameplay and creates yet another addictive experience that I’m sure you shouldn’t miss.  The making of pizza through recipes, earning medals, and moving on with the game is just purely awesome.  It requires quick, one finger gestures that the iPhone is so capable of, and that’s what makes this game a good game.

Sounds: Most iPhone games feature some okay sounds, and none of them popped out to me as high quality or well timed.  Zombie Pizza’s sound effects are actually very well done, and as I mentioned before, the plopping sound effect added so much to the whole gameplay experience.  The opening music was also well done (although not very original), and I found the sounds in this game to be well timed and well executed.  It won’t get you scared or frightened, but it will definitely get you jumpy.


Marker Felt: This has to be my pet peeve in all iPhone games and even in documents.  Marker Felt font.  It’s one of the ugliest fonts I have ever come across, and I don’t really understand why people use it.  Yes, it does look like it was made using a marker tip, but it’s just plain ugly.  Zombie Pizza, unfortunately, decides to implement this font into their buttons, making the buttons look horrifying.

Zombie Pizza… what a game.  This time management game sits high with the others, and I found this game to be more than meets the eye.  It’s also an example of not judging the book by its cover, which was in this case, the font.  The buttons are ugly, but the gameplay makes up for it and more with short bursts of creating eyeball pizzas.


Zombie Pizza was developed by Appy Entertainment, and I played through version 1.1 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.


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