Rocket Bird Review: I Believe I Can Fly

BeTomorrow makes it iPhone gaming debut with Rocket Bird, a simplistic game that’s beautifully designed and well laid out.  While I’m a bit skeptical of their other apps, which just happen to be absolutely craptastic, Rocket Bird is a different story altogether.  If you’re looking for a simple, casual game, Rocket Bird may just be the one for you.


Visuals: The visuals for this game are almost like Star Defense and Castle Warriors, except the coloring and shading is done with a crayon/colored pencil type of style.  The 3D look makes this game look adorable for the kids, and enough to impress the middle-aged men.  I really liked the 3D aspect of this game, and BeTomorrow did a great job with the aesthetic factors that most developers fail to implement.

Controls: The controls are very well done, and while it is an accelerometer-based control scheme, it’s accurate enough to be played in the car.  As iPhone gaming develops, I have a feeling that developers will start to nail the accelerometer controls more and more, doing away with the d-pad and/or joystick control scheme.  While this may not seem likely, the controls in Rocket Bird are a good sign that iPhone games can be controlled with the accelerometer.

Everything Included: Usually, casual games are either missing online highscores or a polished look.  Rocket Bird nails both right in the head, and the inclusion of online highscores and great visuals make this one a winner.  You’ll be able to see where you stand in the global leaderboards and have the ability to try again if you didn’t succeed in beating your highscore.  It is a little simplistic, but it has the assets to success.


A Little Simple: The iPhone was built off of simplistic games like Flight Control, but Rocket Bird feels a little bit too simplistic.  I didn’t find it deep at all, and with only one gameplay mode, it is pretty limited.  The inclusion of 3 difficulty levels added some depth into the game, but not enough to make a user feel the need to keep playing over and over.

I’m a huge fan of these “dodging the object” games, and Rocket Bird seems to nail everything right on the dot.  The inclusion of online highscores, great visuals, and good controls are all great signs for a great game, but it really starts to get repetitive and uninteresting.  Still, it’s only $0.99 and this overly simplistic genre is the foundation for all the iPhone games out there.  It’s not a must have by any means, but if you’re looking for a quick dose of iPhone, Rocket Bird may be just right for you.


Rocket Bird was developed by BeTomorrow, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.


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