Cocoto Kart Online Review: Where’d He Go?

Eurocenter is probably synonymous with the words “smooth online multiplayer games” as seen in DinoSmash Online and Ace Tennis Online.  Their next game is something quite different though, and it just happens to be kart racing made through the obvious inspiration of Mario Kart.  Anywho, the game is also different by adding an extensive single player campaign mode along with the online multiplayer, adding huge amounts of replay value to the game.  I don’t know about you, but smooth online and extensive offline could amount to something great.


Tons of Characters: Konami’s kart racer only contained around 8 or so characters, and while all of them were a joy to play, there’s nothing better than having 12 characters.  Cocoto Kart Online features some pretty cute-looking figures that while weird, is a nice addition to have when choosing your character.  12 characters is definitely a lot to chose from, and it’s definitely a lot more than most kart racers.

Smooth Through WiFi: WiFi multiplayer was extremely smooth, and I experienced no lag at all.  I battled some folks over in the UK and Japan, but the lag seemed to be absolutely non-existent.  I won 2 online multiplayer battles with the 1st place award, making my day feel slightly better.  This is really how online multiplayer should feel like, and I thoroughly enjoyed the smooth connection.

Extensive Single Player: If online multiplayer isn’t enough for you, why not try the single player mode?  With a Grand Prix, Quick Race, and Single Track modes, you’ll never get bored even if there’s not a WiFi hotspot near you.  The Grand Prix mode also contains a silver and gold cup mode along with the 50 cc, 100 cc, etc.  It will keep you busy for quite some time, along with the online multiplayer to add tons of replay value to this $0.99 game.


3G: Connections over 3G are quite poor, and I found myself in last place when it clearly showed me as first.  Lag with 3G connection is acceptable though I guess since it’s probably AT&T’s fault and not Eurocenter’s.  Whatever the case may be, the lag over 3G makes it so that the game is almost unplayable online-wise, and you’ll be stuck with the offline mode until then.  It would be nice if I was able to play the game anywhere, but Cocoto seems to be the limit for 3G connections.

Interface: I’ve noticed this throughout all of Eurocenter’s games, and I don’t think they’ll change it anytime soon.  The user interface isn’t very intuitive or well designed, and the simple blue buttons really didn’t do it for me.  It would be nice to change around the design every once in a while, but Cocoto seems to keep that ugly UI found in DinoSmash.

Cocoto Kart Online is a very well made online kart racer.  The connections are smooth through WiFi, and the graphics aren’t really that bad.  Of course, Konami’s kart racer seems to have the best graphics out of all of them, but I would like to see Konami boast of smooth online multiplayer (I have yet to play online in Krazy Kart Racers).  Cocoto Kart is not without its flaws, but overall, it’s a solid game experience I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


Cocoto Kart Online was developed by Eurocenter, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is on a limited time sale for $0.99.



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