‘Peter Und Vlad’ and ‘Chess Elite’ Free for Weekend

Along with Nimblebit’s Freebie Friday extravaganza (now over), other developers have made their games free to increase popularity and community.  Peter Und Vlad is a game where you try and herd the sheep, and while I have not tried it yet, it definitely looks like it’s worth more than free.

Chess Elite is also free due to the fact that 99 Games wants to raise the online community in this game.  With battle mode coming soon in an update, Chess Elite is definitely worth the download at the price of free.  We reviewed this title back when it was priced at $3.99, and it received the ‘Worth A Look‘ award.  My main complaint was the price in my review, but now there’s really nothing to complain about.

Both are pretty solid-looking games, and I can speak for Chess Elite as definitely worth more than free.  The online multiplayer is pretty swell along with a bunch of other features like changing the board designs and changing the strength of the chess engine.

Check out the forums post for more information on Chess Elite.

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