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Ravensword: The Fallen King: An Interview With Crescent Moon Software

Ravensword: The Fallen King is arguably my most anticipated game along with Asphalt 5, and we here at NoDPad got the chance to speak to the creator of this game.  If you didn’t know, Ravensword was made by only two people with one person doing all the coding.  To me, that’s quite an accomplishment and a feat that I could never accomplish.

Ravensword is being published by Chillingo and will be available as early as November.  The price is being set at lower than $6.99, and the game has been optimized for the iPhone 3GS.  If you own a lower device model, the game will still be playable but with less polygons, graphics, etc.

NoDPad: For those that are unfamiliar, can you provide some information about Ravensword: The Fallen King and who you are?

Josh: Ravensword is a 3d action RPG for the iPhone and iPod touch.  It has a very large and detailed open world to explore, tons of beasts to fight, many missions to perform, and even some mini games. Its actually been in development for over 2 years, but not all of that time was spent on the iPhone, it was just developing assets to be used in the original game which was going to be PC game – a multi-player first person shooter set in fantasy style.

NoDPad: Why did you start developing for the iPhone?

Josh: We had some technical difficulty with the original that set us back, and I was looking for something else to do with the mountain of assets that I had. I had an iPhone and just saw a lack of 3d rpg’s. The graphics could be taken to the next level, at least in that genre. I found Russ Menapace in searching for an iPhone programmer, and its been a great collaboration. He’s actually coded the entire thing by himself!

NoDPad: How long have you been developing games?  What other projects have you worked on?

Josh: Before working on Ravensword I was an Art Director at a visualization studio in Boston.  I decided to start my own company and move back home. I also started an R/C company that makes unique radio controlled toys. Right now we are just putting all of our effort into Ravensword, and it has grown and developed into something which is much more than either of us expected.

NoDPad: You’ve chosen to be published by Chillingo.  What was your motivation behind this decision?

Josh: Chillingo was great to deal with, and they made us the best offer out of any of the other publishers we were approached by.  So far I have nothing but great things to say about them. Their comments and ideas have been truly helpful throughout the process.

NoDPad: Any closing thoughts?

Josh: Ravensword should arrive on the App Store by early November. We are polishing up some things now including some new controls and an Auto-Target feature (which will be an option). Be looking out for it!

Thank you Josh Presseseisen for your time!  Be sure to check out Ravensword: The Fallen King early November.  Be sure to check out the all new gameplay video along with the official website to get a feel for what the game will be like.



  1. Sam on Friday 9, 2009

    when is this due to come out?

  2. Daniel on Friday 9, 2009

    As early as early November.