NimbleBit’s Freebie Friday Madness: Six Quality Games for Free!

Here’s a giveaway you don’t want to miss!  With the announcement of a new side project called AppClassics, NimbleBit has decided to give away all six of their games for free for Friday only.  In the past, certain games have been given away for 24 hours on a Friday, but never all six at the same time.  NimbleBit specializes in simple, quality casual games.

  • Bluebird ($0.99): Fly a bird on a 2D plane and avoid obstacles.
  • Hanoi Plus ($0.99): The classic game Hanoi with extra options for customization.
  • Moon Drop ($1.99): Land astronauts on a planet by guiding them down safely.  Further levels have many more astronauts dropping to increase difficulty.  This is NimbleBit’s most recent release, which we reviewed earlier with a buy recommendation.
  • Scoops ($0.99): Catch ice cream scoops as they drop from the sky, onto your ice cream cone at the bottom.  Tilt your device and try to balance the load as it gets bigger.
  • Sky Burger: ($1.99): Similar in gameplay to Scoops, except you’re building burgers.  There’s a lot of fun variation and we also gave it a buy recommendation.
  • Textropolis ($1.99): A word game played by finding words through multiple locations.

I’d recommend grabbing all these games while they are free for today.

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