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You may know Hexage for their recently reviewed game Buka, and their debut on the iPhone has been quite a successful one.  Other than that, their releases have been very little… until now.  The kind folks over at Hexage.net gave me the privilege to have some hands-on time with their upcoming puzzler Totemo, and I cannot wait to tell you what it’s all about.

Totemo is a very different type of puzzle game, and you’ll never guess what it is.  In this game, you try and clear the board of all the shapes, and each shape disappears by connecting with other shapes either horizontally or vertically.  Of course, different shapes disappear in different ways, and you’ll be sitting on the couch for hours solving these puzzles.  For example, a green circle will only disappear if you connect it with 2 other green circles or if you connect it with a purple star.  It’s somewhat hard to describe the gameplay mechanics exactly, but I hope you understand them once you see the screenshots.

The major selling point with Totemo would probably be the visuals as it was in Buka.  The visuals were absolutely tantalizing, and the particle effects were amazing almost as if I was playing Geometry Wars on the Xbox 360.  That may be stretching it a little far, but the visuals were very impressive nonetheless.  The design for the game was also very well done, and while it would be nice to add some feedback to the menu buttons, the simplistic menu designs and level backgrounds were oddly appealing.

If you’re a puzzle fan at all, I suggest you check out Totemo once it is released onto the App Store.  With around 70 levels to play (subject to more in the release version), this game will keep you occupied for quite a while.  Along with the story mode, there is a survival mode and online highscores associated with this mode.

Overall, I really liked Totemo and it is definitely worth checking out once the game is released.  Puzzle fans will absolutely love this title as it is one of the more complete games on the App Store, and the visuals are more than I could ever ask for.  The immersive soundtrack is also an added bonus in the game, and again, I’m sure puzzle fans will absolutely adore this title.


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  1. I loved this game when i first seen the video this is a buy for me as soon as it shows up. Apple get off your uknow and release this please. I got too see a preview of the other one you guys are submitting I want it too. Radiant. By the way I have Buka like it too. Great job keept them coming please

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