Blades of Fury Review: A Pure Knockout

Gameloft has been hit hit hitting it with iPhone game releases recently (I believe I mentioned this before) with Real Soccer 2010 and Brain Challenge 2 being released.  Blades of Fury came in right before Real Soccer 2010, and I’ve finally got the chance to write a review after thorough playing time.  As of right now, if you’re a Soul Caliber fan, you’ll absolutely love this one.


Graphics: When games claim they have the best graphics, they’re usually wrong.  When Blades of Fury claims to have the best graphics, that’s something totally different: the developer are actually right this time.  The graphics in Blades of Fury are very impressive, and it’s just one of those games that you cannot believe is running on the iPhone.  I’m very impressed with how this game looks, and Gameloft really pulled it off here.

Controls: Seriously and honestly, I didn’t think the controls would work.  The combos and whatnot needed to execute in games like these were just too complicated in my mind to work on the iPhone.  It seems like Gameloft surpassed my expectations again, and the controls used in Blades of Fury is really impressive.  Sure it is a virtual d-pad control scheme, but it works extremely well.  The action buttons are also very responsive, and I felt that Gameloft took some time to get these controls spot on.

Characters: It’s really cool to unlock characters and suits during the game, and it adds a lot to the replay value.  I finally unlocked Faust (the scary looking, dark warrior) a couple of days ago, and it’s just really awesome.  Character choice is nicely split between girls and boys, and almost all the characters look really awesome.  Not one character is poorly designed or poorly dressed, and I would honestly play every single character.


Crash: I’ve had the game crash on me some times, and while it isn’t very frequent, I can see it crashing more frequently on the 1st generation devices.  During my play time on my iPhone 3GS, I’ve had the game crash on me 2 or 3 times, more than any other game.  This is probably more of Gameloft’s fault in not thoroughly testing the stability over and over again, but the crashing isn’t very frequent.

Bluetooth: No matter how many times I try and get this to work, it just won’t.  It seems like Gameloft’s multiplayer options never seem to work including Real Soccer’s online multiplayer and Let’s Golf!’s WiFi local multiplayer.  Again, this is Gameloft’s fault with the most part, and it’s really disappointing to not be able to play true bluetooth multiplayer.  I hope they fix it in the upcoming updates, but for now, don’t expect the multiplayer to work.

Blades of Fury is a solid fighting game that’s new and fresh to the App Store.  Soul Caliber fans will be mightily impressed with this game, and I really cannot believe this is running on my iPhone.  Sure, I felt this with Modern Combat and Gangstar, but none of them struck me as high as Blades of Fury did.  Visuals are very well done, and with a few kinks sorted out, the game can be a must have.


Blades of Fury was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0.6 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $6.99.



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