Lumines Touch Fusion Review: Controls, Controls, CONTROLS

My fear has come true: Lumines Touch Fusion on the iPhone is not everything you would have hoped for.  I was really excited to hear that this game was coming to the iPhone, and I was more than excited to see it pop into the App Store.  I was also excited to see a lite version to try before taking the plunge, but alas, things are not like what they appear to be.


Visuals: The visuals are absolutely superb for an iPhone puzzler, and the graphics have translated quite nicely onto the iPhone.  I was surprised that the visuals looked like the way they did in this game, and it stays true to what Lumines looks like on the PSP.  Visuals are extremely well done in the iPhone version of the game, and I was blown away by the quality.

Achievements: With gold, silver, and bronze medals for all levels and all game modes, it’s really nice to have these included.  Achievements add so much replay value to a game, and that’s exactly what Lumines Touch Fusion did with the iPhone version.  The achievements will keep you occupied for a few hours more, and hardcore gamers will enjoy unlocking them.

User Interface: User interface is absolutely stunning.  While I’ve come across some beautifully made games and apps like Facebook 3.0, there’s nothing like Lumines Touch Fusion.  Button design is incredibly well done, and the menu designs are far more than superb.  The entrance into the game is absolutely stunning, and you can see that Q Entertainment worked for quite a long time on the design.


Controls: This has been a problem for everyone, including me.  This one dislike is also a deal breaker for many including me, and they really need to be fixed.  For a game that requires fast movements, the unresponsive swipe controls and more than enough to frustrate the average user.  Q Entertainment really needs to step up and input another control scheme into the game because the current one just absolutely sucks.

It would be nice to include a d-pad (directional pad) into the game, just like the PSP version and see if the game fairs any better.  It would be nice to have some more precise control methods, and I guess this is where the iPhone fails.  Precise controls are simply not made for the iPhone, and a virtual d-pad is the closest we’ll ever get.  Q Entertainment, if you’re listening, please input some more control methods into the game.

Lumines: Touch Fusion includes everything for the makings of a good iPhone game, and they really didn’t leave anything out.  But they did forget to input one thing: good controls.  This has been a fear of mine since the game was announced for the iPhone, and unfortunately, this fear has come true.  I really wanted to enjoy Lumines on the iPhone, but for now, the game is not as enjoyable as I would have liked.  As I’m starting to get used to the controls, the game has become more and more the Lumines I remember, but the casual gamer will delete this game right from the start.  Fortunately for us, there is a lite version to try before we buy.


Lumines Touch Fusion was developed by Q Entertainment, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99 along with a Comic Pack for $1.99.  There is also a lite version to try before you buy.



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