Krazy Kart Racers (US) Review: Who Needs Mario Anymore?

Konami has been developing some pretty good games on the iPhone lately including Krazy Kart Racers for the iPhone.  Previously, most of their games have been criticized like Silent Scope and Metal Gear Solid Touch, but Krazy Kart Racers seems to be something totally different.  With a $2.99 price tag slapped on there, Krazy Kart Racers is arguably one of the best out there.


Graphics: Graphics are a huge improvement from Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D, and it isn’t a surprise that both games were created by the same developer (Polarbit).  The graphics are very smooth-looking with little or no pixels showing.  Crash Bandicoot, on the other hand, was a lot more pixelated with less intense backgrounds and environments.

Controls: Honestly, I would choose touch controls over tilt controls anyday.  Sure there are some games that work very well with the accelerometer (like NFS), but for the most part, touch controls seem to work the best.  Konami’s kart racer offers both tilt and touch controls for the people that prefer either one, and both control methods work surprisingly well.  I really liked the touch controls that were implemented into the game, and the accelerometer controls were pretty solid.

Content: Krazy Kart Racers is content packed with over 6 cups to win and 12 challenges to complete.  There are also around 6 challenge levels to complete, and each cup takes around 30 minutes to complete.  Online multiplayer is just another feature that adds replay value to this game, and while it wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped, it’s definitely playable.  The Krazy GPs will keep you entertained for quite a while though, and I was pretty satisfied with the amount of “meat” in this game.

Characters: I really like the character selection list in this game with the inclusion of Frogger and that one guy from Power Pros Baseball.  It’s really nice to chose from different characters with different abilities, and the characters that were included will sure strike a bell with most gamers.  Characters in the game were well picked, and personally, I would say Frogger FTW!


Camera: The “dynamic camera balancing” is really not working for me, and I couldn’t help but feel the dizzying effects of it.  The screen was a little bit shaky when driving, and the speed may be too much for some people.  It would be nice to have the camera be a little more balanced instead of moving up and down, left and right with almost every turn.

Powerups: Powerups are far from extensive, and there’s really not many to chose from.  Either speed up, shoot a missile, or release a bomb.  Each category includes either one or two different types, and there’s really not much choice here.  It would be nice to include more powerups and more weapons to hit your opponents with as that’s pretty much the point of the game.

Krazy Kart Racers is a solid game from Konami, and this has got to be one of their first.  Is this a sign of better to come?  Maybe, maybe not, but with the success we’re seeing with Frogger and the price drops on all their games, Konami is bound to wake up and start producing some high quality games.  Krazy Kart Racers seems to be just a taste of what Konami can do on the iPhone, and I really hope there’s more to come.


Krazy Kart Racers (US) was developed by Konami Digital Entertainment, and I played through version 1.0 on my 1st generation iPhone.  The price is $2.99.



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